5 Easy Alternatives To Download Rufus For Your Mac

Rufus Download helps to create bootable disks or USB flash drives like USB keys and others, Our today’s topic How to Download Rufus For your Mac is for our Mac users who find difficulty to download and using Rufus Utilities. We are here to give complete information to Mac users about Rufus Download For Mac’s Windows. To easify their tasks on Mac to create bootable disk or USB flash drivers and using them. For Mac it is not an easy task to create USB flash drivers ,However we will give you all possible ways to Download Rufus For Your Mac . Learn easy steps through our interesting article. Let’s we start:

 What is Rufus??

To store our daily Data we extensively use nowadays USBs and Hard disks in our computers. Sometimes we require a bootable drive or Live USBs to format these USBs and flash and restart them as in the normal conditions. There are tons of cases where users have to create a USB installation media from a bootable ISO, which would require a bootable USB drive. Rufus enables to support different type of bootable ISO files and different images files etc.

This types of needs and requirements can be meet by a powerful Open Source Software for Windows which is called “Rufus”. created by Pete Betard, this software is highly popular among Windows Users for creating bootable drives and portable USBs. And yes the main reason for its popularity among its users is that it is totally free to use and download.

Now we will discuss the Mac Users that how they can use Rufus for Mac’s Window. The question arises in our mind first, Is there a Rufus for Mac? If you want to know about the answers of all these questions arises in your mind then read our article thoroughly. In today’s article, we will discuss  Rufus for Mac and the best alternatives and many more features of such amazing software.

Rufus Alternatives For Your Mac

Unfortunately, there is no Rufus Version available for Mac. But you don’t need to worry about that, Here are a number of Rufus alternatives for MacOS, which are the best source for your Mac, that serve the same functionality as Rufus for Your Mac. These Rufus alternatives can be downloaded with the help of these methods listed in this article. Here we are going to discuss each alternative one by one, One important thing that you have to keep in your mind that all these alternative listed in this article are free to download. Lets we will start to discuss them:


  1. Etcher

If you are all about interface and want an application to create bootable USBs for you on Mac, then you should check out Etcher. Etcher is also open source, just like Rufus, and allows you to burn images to drives. The interface is extremely simple and appealing, even though the features are limited. However, we believe it makes for a really good alternative if you want to use Rufus on Mac.

You can check out Etcher here.


free and cross-platform utility software, UNetbootin is extremely powerful and create bootable Live USB flash drives for you. It is easy to use. You just have to load the ISO file, select the ISO file or distribution that you want to download and choose a target drive. UNetbootin is just like Rufus, and we highly recommend it as an alternative to Rufus for your Mac.

You can get UNetbootin here.

  1. DiskMaker X

DiskMaker X is another great tool that you can use to create bootable drives on your Mac OSX. It can find the installer program using Spotlight and it will make the bootable disk. It will also make the drive look nice. Sporting a great interface, the task of creating bootable USBs can be done within click using DiskMaker X. It is a worthy alternative if you wish to Download Rufus on your Mac.

 4.Deepin Boot Maker

Developed by the Deepin Team, Deepin Boot Maker is known for its simple and easy to use interface. It is an open source software that you should use as an alternative for Rufus on your Mac computer. All you have to do is, select an ISO file, select a drive, and you’re good to go! Get Deepin Boot Maker here.

 5.Multiboot USB

This tool is very similar to UNetbootin, although Unetbootin is more stable. However, Multiboot USB does come with tons of features. This cross-platform application is completely free and open source. Using this, you can make bootable USBs without erasing existing data. You can also uninstall installed OSs and write ISO images to a disk. And still, these are a handful of the Application’s utility.

This software worth a try for sure. Download the Multiboot USB and see for yourself.

Conclusive List of Best Ever Rufus Alternatives

Above listed software which can be used as alternatives to Rufus are all good tools for your Mac. These can help you to create bootable drives easily just like Rufus on your Mac. The list of these alternatives is given below:

  1. Etcher
  2. UNetbootin
  3. DiskMaker X
  4. Deepin Boot Maker
  5. Multiboot USB

If you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned alternatives then you don’t need to worry about that. Here we will tell you about many other good alternatives to Rufus for Mac, and these alternatives will perform the required task on your Mac like MultiSystem,  ROSA Image Writer, dd,   Install Disk Creator, balenaEtcher, SARDU, Mac Linux USB Loader and many other tasks efficiently like above mentioned Alternatives.


Now we are sure that by reading our much informative article now you are able to Download these Free Alternatives on your Mac and can easily complete your tasks easily same as you can do with the help of Rufus itself. The most beneficial point of these alternatives is that all these alternatives are free and you can get many benefits from these alternatives of Rufus on your Mac. These alternatives can also perform many functions same as Rufus itself can do like Create Bootable USB drivers and you can store your data also.

If you have further queries in your mind or if you have any confusion regarding these alternatives then feel free to ask questions from us we will try our best to response your queries as soon as possible. that’s all about our Today’s article For more informative and amazing articles remain in touch with our website.

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