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Password Protect any Folder on Macbook Easy Steps

Security and Privacy (Password Protect Folder in MAC) are 2 such concerns that every individual wants to have in his/her MacBook. AM I right? What if tell you the secret of keeping your personal stuff in a secret folder that no one can access without your permission.

You must be thinking that your MacBook remains locked with your security code then why do you need, a secret folder. Just imagine that are you the only user of your laptop? The Question arises here. Are you sure that no other people will use your MacBook?

Don’t your friends take it for use? How long can you keep yourself away from your MacBook? It’s never your own sometime. You must have some private files and photos which you don’t want to share with everyone.

Therefore, you always need a secret folder for your work. But the Question here is that how to keep your folder password protected.

Just consider that, how would you feel when all your stuff would be secure in a secret folder that would be password protected. You would have peace of mind when your friends, kids or family member would have your MacBook in their hands.

You must be having a question in your mind that

Is it really possible to password protect a folder in mac?” if yes then “How to password protect a folder in mac?”.

Yes, it is! Now let find out how.

There are 2 ways, I’ll tell you both ways, you will have to find out yourself. In which category do u fall.

  1. Paid
  2. Unpaid

The market is full of programs that offer the same functions. Let’s check out the paid and unpaid ways that you can use to keep your stuff secret with a password. There is a built-in method which allows folders to be turned into protected disk images.

Password Protect any folder on Mac using Disk Utility

If you don’t have enough money but you are desperate to avail the function. Don’t worry. Many companies offer free utilities.

Another very important thing that comes to mind is that – why to pay extra bucks just for keeping your folders password protected.

10 Steps to make your folder password protected

Thanks to Mac for offering this amazing feature that provides peace of mind. Mac OS offers an inbuilt functionality just follow 10 simple steps and you will be able to password protect any Macbook folder you create –


1st Step – Using keyboard press Command + Shift + A which will take you to the Applications folder.



2nd Step – click on Utilities Folder.



3rd Step –  Double-click on disk utility.



4th Step  – Click on File>New image> Image from a folder.



5th Step – Now choose the folder you want to protect and select Open.



6th Step  – Now select image format option from the menu and select Read/Write.



7th Step  – After that select Encryption menu and choose 128-bit AES encryption which is already recommended.



8th Step – Now finally Enter the password and click on choose.



Step 9 – Name lock disk image whatever name you want and click on save 



Step 10 –  Click on Done. That’s it now congratulations you’ve successfully turned your ” folder into a locked disk image”. You can now also delete your original folder if you want.



Now the question that arises here is that if the Disk utility is not Available, then what would you do to counter that?

How to Secure any Folder on MAC with Password without Disk Utility?

Laptops/Mac is not always used by the IT professionals, there are many people from different fields who need to use the laptop but are not quite familiar with the features and find it difficult to use.

I am here to provide a solution that is convenient for every single individual. I’ll not limit my target audience. I know that many people won’t find this method easy. So if you won’t find it easy, you will be definitely sad that you cant apply a password to your Macbook. Don’t worry at all.

It is Possible.

Yes, it is.

You can also protect your laptop folders with the password without disk utility. But for that, you have to spend some extra buck. There are enormous paid tools available in the market that you can use. I’ll tell you in this article about them.

These not only offer folder protection but also folder protection. In this article, I am going to discuss with you about my 2 special preferred tools which will guide you to password protect your files and folders.

These are;

  1. Cisdem AppCrypt tool
  2. MacFort Tool

Cisdem AppCrypt tool

Well if you are still not satisfied with the mac for tool don’t worry I got a more interesting tool for you namely Cisdem AppCrypt. This is one of the most interesting tool which offers one of the most special features that you can not only password protect your folder and files but also apps or websites. It is designed specifically for the MAC system to protect your applications and block the distracted website on Safari and Google Chrome. This tool also helps you to password protect any iPhoto, iTunes, Contacts, iMovie, Facebook or any app and website you surf on your Mac.

Just follow these simple steps to password protect any file, folder, app or any website on mac:

Step 1- Download and install  “Cisdem AppCrypt tool”.

Step 2 – Complete the installation setup. After you launch the tool you will see a popup window requesting you to set a password. Enter the password and check I have read and I understand this warning and click Submit button.



Step 3- AppCrypt will lock four system applications by default. Just click OK button directly.


Step 4- Now simply click on add app option on the top left of menu bar. Now add any app and website that you want to protect. and bang on!! you successfully locked your apps, website,files and folders.



So if you are really concerned about security than you should definitely try out these methods to add a password protection on any folder on your Mac. If you still face any issues you can comment all your queries in the comment section below!!

 MacFort Tool

With the help of “MacFort Tool,” you can easily password protect any files and folders on Mac. This tool is very convenient and easy to operate within a few clicks you can lock several applications data, such as iPhoto Library, Outlook etc. This tool is paid but luckily its developers are providing 15 days free trial when you register through your email.

MacFort encrypts the folder very similarly to Disk utility method But macfort can lock much more faster than disk utility method. In macFort, no one can view an encrypted vault without knowing the correct password.

Just follow these simple steps to lock any folder and files using the MacFort tool:-

Step 1- Download and install macFort.

Step 2- Finish the installation setup. After launch macFort, a popup window will appear set you to vault name and password there.

Step 3- Choose the left arrow(privacy) on the right top. Now click on the add symbol to import any files and folders you want to protect. Now Click on the button beside Location option to choose the folder. Then name it and click OK button.

For unlocking the folders, you need to double click on it or press Decrypt option and then type the password.


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