Best Ever Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

Hi, We have already provided you many informative and unique articles regarding Mac, iPhone and other Apple devices. Hope these Articles are definitely adding value to your life. Today we are here with another best ever article on a most important topic  “  Parental Control Apps for iOs”.

Need for Parental Control Apps for iOs

In this age of science and technology,  parents are facing many problems like overuse of technological gadgets like cell phones, tablets, computers etc by their kids.

Parents are having their own mobile and they must have to maintain a proper check and balance for their kids.

Today we will give you the best ever solution to control activities of your kids on Your iPad or iPhone. Here we are going to introduce  “  Parental Control apps for iOs”

“ Free Parental control apps for iPhone and Android”   helpful for parents to limit the usage of mobile for their kids, block apps and other contents etc.

Even in this modern age, you can still check and guide your kids the importance of ethical values and digital equipment use.

Most devices have already parental control apps, but in another, we may have to install Best Parental Control Software to control such functions.

Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Let us check and learn about  Best free Parental Control Apps for iPhone. Some of these beneficial apps are free while others are paid. We are discussing here these useful apps one by one.

1. Qustodio – Free Parental Control App for  iOS:

It is free to install and with a  premium plan which makes it best. Qustodio is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. This app contains a proper friendly parental control.

Its free version gives a remote control dashboard access which is a very attractive feature of this software.


Qustodio is easy to use, creative, and phenomenal for owners who are short on time. It offers a dashboard that shows all of you ongoing unique action for any related gadget, including time spent on time taking applications like Whatsapp or Snapchat. From that point, you can set time limits, track texts, filter sites and block any app.

It is highly customizable and it is easy to manage in case of device action.

2. Family Time

This app enables you to check and control the features that children should have access to,  to track their location, and many other functions.

But the functions that make this app one of the best is software which allows you to set homework and bedtimes of kids to control their time of usage of mobiles.

The app is equipped with special geofencing which alerts you when your kid enters or leaves a specific area. It enables you to location tracking so that you can actually control your child’s activities.


It gives you to control and block any app and keep a track of the contact list. Its free version provides you limited features, however, full access to the app can be attained by paying a charge of  $27 per year only for one device and $69  for one year for 5 devices.

3. Open DNS  Family Shield

Open DNS  is a frequently used and most trustful site. Open DNS has recently launched its parental control app as “Family Shield”. It is one of the best free parental control apps for your iPhones.


An important feature of this app is the sites blocked by Open DNS under the action of this app “Tasteless, Anonymizer, Sexuality, or Pornography” get automatically blocked by the parental control gadgets.

It has this function that can be applied to your tool is the router which can filter mobile data.

4. Norton Family Premier

Norton has now become an aspirant in the world of parental control apps, and it is more famous because it has antivirus software.

Your membership can be shared for a number of devices, that’s why it is more famous among vast families in which all family members have individual phones or tablets etc.


Its installation is more convenient in any device. In order to location monitoring, site and apps blocking, Norton provides your site logs. Also, it offers you an option of creating warnings for a website instead of directly blocking it.

It can check the sites visited by your child, and furthermore offers Instant child  Lock, which makes these gadgets futile without an entrance pin. It costs $49.99  only on an annual basis.

5. Social Shield

For parent’s worries that their kid’s movement on different internet-based activities at different stages of their life, at this point Social Shield is the Best parental control Software for you.


It provides a 360-degree checking on your child’s informal community activity. Moreover, since Social Shield has as of late been procured by  Avira, it has made the product as the necessary requirement for parents in 2017.

You can download it as a total security suite for your gadgets from its official site. With the help of this site, you can direct screen your child’s action through web-based networking media and get ongoing updates.

6. Kid logger

Kid logger is the most important app amongst the best free parental control app for iOS there. It will enable parents to watch your child’s activity by giving broad logs. This is one of the best parental control apps for parent ’s iPhones.


It is also a type of  Family Time App be with different driving gadgets of Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android. Moreover, it has periodic checking highlights that will enable you to limit the use of the web or any gadget with less difficulty.

7. Fami Safe

Fami Safe is just like any other parental control app, allowing the parents to check the mobile activities of their kids. Keep track of the places they visit and for how much duration.


By the help of this app you can set the times you don’t want your child to use cellphones, like- study time, bedtime, etc.  FamiSafe provides you alerts if your child is looking for unwanted content. FamiSafe is definitely one of the best parental control apps.

8. Mac OS Parental Control App

Mac OS offers a vast range of parental controls, each of which is accessible through the Parental Controls pane gathered within the main System Preferences panel. This software offers options to block specific websites and applications.


One may possibly block particular persons from messaging them. Parent controls are individually set in each device but you can control all the activities after it has been set, just like the other software. It is free parental control software for IOS as it is a built-in application.


     15  Free Parental Control Apps Are Listed Here

  1. Kidlogger
  2. OurPact
  3. Screen limit
  4. Boomerang Parental Control
  5. Spyrix Keylogger
  6. Web Watcher
  7. Norton Family Premier
  8. Qustodio
  9. FamilyTime
  10. OpenDNS FamilyShield
  11. SocialShield
  12. MacOS Built-in Parental Control
  13. ESET Parental Control
  14. FamiSafe
  15. Screen Time

Concluding Remarks

Through this article, we hope that after knowing the importance of these apps you will be able to give your kids a safe environment for their appropriate learnings.

Moreover, these apps will save your money and time taking care of your duties regarding your’s child learnings.



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