Easy Ways to Fix  “No AirPrint Printers Found Error”

This article is about “ What You will do if the message  “No AirPrint Printers Found” error appears on your iPhone, iPad  or your Mac while you are trying to print any document from your iOS without the use of any additional connectivity means Then what you will do to fix “No AirPrint  Printers Found Error” ? Before to go any further discussion first you should have an idea about AirPrint Printer that what is it?

What is AirPrint Printer

AirPrint Printers is the most usefull feature present in iOS .It is used to get high quality printfrom iOS without connecting it from any additional drivers , it gives wireless connectivity to the users for printing any document .

Users can print any document only by simply connect your device and your printer both with your WiFi connection. But although some problems may exists during working like sometime the message appears on your screen while you are working with your printers that No AirPrint Printers found.

Hence we are going to give you easiest solutions regarding this situation “ No AirPrint Printers found error”. Read our article completely to get access to all easy solutions

Possible Causes regarding No AirPrint Printer Found Error

While you are working with AirPrint in your  iOS then it is a common error may occur during your work that the message appear on your screen “No AirPrint Printer Found Error” . There are many causes behind this error  “No AirPrint Printers found  on iPhone and iPad”. The main reasons  includes:

  1. Network connection malfunctioning: The Network WiFi connection malfunctioning  is the main reason behind  the printer to disconnect the print facility using AirPrint.
  2. the oldest version of iOS: The oldest version of iOS does not support normally the AirPrint facility. Hence, iOS version must be 4.2 or above and it must be check by the users if this error occurs frequently.
  3. Poor Router Setting: Router must be set in a protected way so that only useful work is done by using it. Same as your router settings also affect the AirPrint functioning.
  4. Printer and Device connected over different Network: Printers and devices connected with the different network can also cause this problem.

Configuration and Requirements for AirPrint Settings

Users must check all the requirements and also complete the basic configuration needed  to set the AirPrint with your device as well as Printer, all above mentioned causes of printer error must be checked carefully. The following requirements are necessary for AirPrint for its best functioning.

  • IOS version should be up to dated .Older version of iOS does not support Printer connection so iOS version must be 4.2,5 or above so it can perform its function efficiently.
  • Not every iOS device supports AirPrint. The devices which support this feature are  iPhone:3GS or new Models, iPad: All model, iPod: 3rd generation or above.
  • The Printer must be compatible with AirPrint feature.

 Methods to Fix No AirPrint Printers found Error in your Devices

There are many possible  and easy ways to fix “ No AirPrint Printers found error”. We are going to discuss here only the most convenient ways for fixing the printer issue. Following  are the solutions:

1. Check Device Settings

The main cause of the malfunctioning in printer efficiency is the presence of any problem in device settings. Hence, you should  check the settings of your device that it is compatible with the printer or not?

Is there  possibility of occurrence of  “No AirPrint Printers found error” or not? You can check the settings of your device by following these simple steps:

1: First Check your device that AirPlane mode is on or not. If the AirPlane Mode is on then it will cause the failure of all connections in your device .So if the Airplane mode is on then turn it off to get a proper connection.

2: Check  the wireless connection (WiFi) of your device either its working or not?. Your device must be connected with the Wifi network because the AirPrint cannot run over mobile data it need a wifi connection to work properly. It is necessary to connect your device and printer with the same wireless network.

2. Check the Printer Configuration

Now you have to check the configuration of your printer. It is as very important to check the Printer configuration in the same way you check your device configuration.

You need to be sure if your printer is listed at Apple’s AirPrint support printers.

3. Check the Printer proper Connection With The Network:

We have access to many WiFi connections around us. Hence it can be one of the possible  reason  that your Printer is connected with some other wifi network. You need to check if both your printer and device are connected to the same network. It is mandatory checking for solving this problem.

Follow these steps to check the connectivity of your printer with the network:

 1: Print the network configuration report using the following path

 Settings> All Settings> Print Reports> Network Configuration> OK.

This will help to print the list of network configuration report of the printer.

 2: Find the network name from the printed list. The network name would be given as            <NAME SSID>.

 3: Compare the network name from the printed list of network configuration report and the SSID of the wireless network, your device connected with. If both the SSIDs are different, connect your printer with a similar SSID with which your device is connected.

4. Check the Router Settings

To solve multiple connectivity of users, routers are often locked or limited the number of connections. This also cause our device to show “No AirPrint Printers found” error because your router blocks the connectivity of your device for printing .

In your Mac the privacy and filtering settings already present , sometime these settings also cause this problem. You can change your router settings to make sure it doesn’t block your printer to work efficiently.

5. Restart Your Printer, Device and Network

After follow the above mentioned step and the problem still exists then it could be the last step to fix your problem. Disconnect your printer as well as your device both from the Network.

Turn off your router and restart it. Connect your device with the network keeping the SSID of the router in mind.

Moreover again connect your device as well as your printer with the same connection and then wait to start its connectivity. Try to print from the device using AirPrint. We hope, it will show the Printer this time and you can print easily .

Concluding Remarks

This Was all about to fix this situation .We hope that you are now able to fix AirPrint Printer not Found error in your Device. Before getting worry about this situation you should check all your device settings as well as your printer settings.

You should check all the connections availibilities and all other possibilities causing such problem. Simply follow thes points one by one mentioned above to fix this problem. Hope you will exit out after following these simple solution.

If any question comes in your mind regarding further possible solutions then you can feel free to ask any question in comments . We will try our best to give every possible solution of your problems .


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