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Why My Mac Is Running Slow? (Reasons and All possible Solutions to Fix It )

MacBook Pro is running slow, this situation is so awkward to listen in this modern age. Nowadays the use of a computer is so typical and the basic need of all fields,  so if your Mac is running slow it will cause disturbance and irritation to you. But You don’t need to worry about this anymore. If you are facing the situation  “Why  My Mac is So Slow”, Now you are at the right place, We will give you all possible solutions to fix your problem  Macbook Pro Running very Slow and Freezing and look at some good and feasible solutions to speed up your Mac performance. Apple has provided amazing products to their users but although these are Scientific gadgets and bypassing time their performance can be slow you don’t need to worry about more Here We will discuss How To Speed Up My Macbook and will give our users all possible methods to fix Macbook Getting Too Slow.

These Methods will speed up your Macbook pro and will increase its efficiency.

 Reasons to Macbook Is Getting Slow

.there can be many reasons regarding  MacBook Pro Getting Too Slow  we will discuss all reasons one by one and give you all possible solutions to fix them

Now we are going to start:

  1. Startup Disk of your Mac is choking with other programs and Cause Problem ” Why my Mac is running slow”

When you open your Mac,  Many other programs also start up with it and are continuously running in the background, thus this can be the main reason to slow down your Mac working.

To solve your problem, you have to manage and reset the programming of your Mac that which programs are allowed to run at your startup plan. Programs that you don’t require or are unnecessary you should remove them from your startup Plan. This will reduce the load on your Mac and will increase its efficiency.     Here are the methods to solve this hurdle in your Mac working:

  • First, you can fix it by  Clean My Mac, it is mentioned earlier, CleanMyMactakes care of your startup programs too and save them. Moreover, if you wish to handle  it yourself, here are the steps below to complete this task:
  • Open your  System Preferences
  • Then Open Users & Groups
  • Find and then  Clickon Your username
  • Then Select to login items
  • Then Check application that you don’t want to run at startup disk, you can simply remove it with the  symbol button
  • You should Try to reduce the items on the list as much as possible for a faster Mac’s efficiency.

This method is so easy and surely will help to speed up your Macbook. 

For further assistance, you can Also Read:  A Guide to Remove Startup Programs

 2. Hard Drive is overloaded:

This can be a fundamental reason for Macbook Running too Slow, an overloaded hard drive can be the reason your Mac is so Slow. If you want that your Macbook functioning keeps running efficiently then it should be a necessary point for you that you keep a part of Hard Drive is empty for normal working of your Mac.

If your Hard Drive is the main  Hurdle, try to clean it up. Clean and get rid of large files you don’t need further, or you can also get third-party cleanup tools like CleanMyMac.

You can clean your Hard Drive by following these simple methods and tools.

These tools are super easy to use, they clean up your hard drive and make your Mac fast. Try to use them and make your Mac’s working super fast and much helping to you.

 3.MacOS Version is not up to date:

MacOS X version is outdated or previous then it should be updated as soon as possible and there is an update available.  Surely if you are Not updating your Mac it can lead to a whole buffet of issues, like security issues and your Mac can be slowing down. Sometimes, a new OS can optimize your PC and in fact, make it faster. So it is always advisable to update your MacOS X version as soon as possible to update.

To update your MacOS or check for updates following steps are recommended:

  • The whole new and latest MacOS version, as recommended by us, is Mac OS Mojave which you can get in your Mac’s  App Store.
  • Download and updates your Mac to the latest MacOS with the help of this version.
  • If, after updating your Mac is still slow, try Repairing Your Disk Permissions
  • Go to CleanMyMac, and click on Repair Disk Permissions further.

Your Mac’s speed should now increase and you can use it with better performance now.

 4. Hardware’s getting too Rusty:

It is normally thought that Old is gold, but not when it comes to hardware associated with a computer. When it comes to Mac, old hardware can be a big cause for becoming slowing down of your Mac. If your Mac is too old, its parts outdated, there is not much you can do to speed it up you can speed up your Mac when it is not too old.

Now you can only obey one solution that you may refer to Apple and get your hardware upgraded. This can help in boosting your Mac’s performance, although upgrading your system can cost you more than a new Mac it would, depending upon your Mac version that what you want.

But if you are okay with paying the required amount, you can upgrade your Mac for a solid price, and fix your Slow Mac and can speed it up.

5. Outdated Cache Files:

The cache files linked to your user account may contain a lot of junk data which can be a reason to slowing your Mac so you can get rid of it to speed up your Mac. It’s easy, follow the steps below to speed up your Mac:

  • First Open Finder
  • Go to:
  • Library/Caches
  • Find a cache folder tree
  • Now you have to go to every folder and try to empty it

This is all, Once you clear a lot of the junk cache files present, your Mac should run faster. If you feel like it is too much manual work, though, you can also use CleanMyMac to clean up your cache files without any other problem.

 6.Running Apps Choking Memory in the Background:

It can become more difficult for the best of Mac computers to handle more than a certain amount of tasks and apps in the background. For this, it is recommended that you should continuously check all apps running on your Mac. It can have a huge impact on your Mac’s performance and your Mac wo n’t be so slow again.

  • Open Applications
  • Go to Utilities
  • Find Activity Monitor and open it
  • Tap the Memory Tab
  • At the top of the list, click on Memory to arrange the list according to which processes take up most space
  • Activity Monitor is an easy tool that will show you the processes that are taking more space than others it is like an equivalent to Task Manager for
  • To stop the app or any process, select it and click on the ‘x‘ symbol

In this way, you can get rid of processes that take up too much of your Mac’s memory and speed up your Mac.


This was all about our today’s topic “Macbook Pro getting slow”.

We hope that this article was much information to our readers and now you were able to understand why your Mac was so slow and was able to make it faster. There can be other reasons for your Mac getting slow too, such as too many temporary filescorrupted SMC settings, or Visual overload. If after applying all these methods, there is the same situation still present, you might want to consider showing your Mac to a professional on Apple store.

If You have further questions in your mind regarding this article feel free to ask from us in comments. we will help you by telling you all the possible ways. Stay with us for more interesting articles regarding your difficulties.

Thank You


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