Most Valuable Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Business and everyday Life

Advantages of using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Business

Hello, My very dear fans and friends. Hope you all would be fine and having a great time. As you know I am your own Steve Sadiq and today i am here to talk about the Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. The reason why I have chosen this topic is that many of you who are new to mac and are not related to IT field but want to know about Mac. This article is especially for them.

How many of you have just shifted from window to mac? Do you remember the copy and paste command in windows? Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. These two commands are on the fingertips of every person. But Mac OS is not exactly like windows. If you have read my article regard how to copy paste on mac. You have noticed that how easy things become when you know how to use mac keyboard shortcuts. 

Efficiency comes through Smartwork only – Smart work means Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ll also include those and also other shortcuts that will make your life as easy as it was never before. If you are a business person, you definitely know that what does a business want. More efficiency and less cost. More efficiency will boost revenue and cut the costs. Mac keyboard shortcuts will definitely help you to save the time and increase the productivity. Means more work in less time.

Isn’t this amazing?

The use of proper keyboard shortcuts would definitely make you more efficient and smart worker. It is said that your keyboard becomes your command center when you know the proper use of the keyboard shortcuts. If you have newly migrated from Window to Mac then you might feel a bit confusing but with the passage of time you will find mac more friendly then your window PC.

Shall we begin?

We will start with the most important of all.

How to copy and paste on mac – Mac keyboard shortcut for copy and paste

This is copy and pastes command.

Command + C

Command C to copy and paste on mac

Copies the image of the file on the clipboard in the process of moving the file from one folder to another or from one disk drive to another.

Command + V

how to copy and paste on mac

Paste the file to the location where you want to keep the copy of your file/files.

No matter in which field you are. Tabs and applications have increased so much that it becomes almost impossible that you just keep on working on one application without opening other tabs. You might have noticed that multiple tabs are open in your mac while working.

It is always time taking to move your hand away from your keyboard and then touch-pad or mouse to shift the tab. So here are the 2 important keys that will help you to toggle between different applications.

Command + Tab

This is exactly similar to Alt + tab function on the windows. You just don’t have to move your hands away from the keyboard while typing any document. If you want to switch from one application to another, you just need to press Command+Tab, just like home button displays all the open apps in the background. Just hold the command key and keep on pressing tab and it keeps on shifting from app to app. With each single press you will move to the next app in line or running in the background.

Command + Space Key (also known as space-bar)

This mac keyboard shortcut is to open search on mac. This combination of keys opens the spotlight search with cursor in the search bar. Just imaging if you manually search a file or folder on you mac. How much time would that waste? Looking for a file or folder. Press Command + Space and search the name and file appears in front of you.

Shift + Control + Power button

Command + Shift + G

This keyboard combination of keys lead you to the specific folder if you have a search / finder window open. You just need to put the folder path and in less then a second the folder will be in front of you.

Command + Left Bracket

Press “command” and the “left bracket ( [ )” to move to the earlier / previous folder.

Command + Right Bracket

Press “command” and the “right bracket ( ] )” to move to the next folder.

Command + Shift + V

If you ask Steve Sadiq’s favorite mac keyboard shortcut, i would say Command + Shift + V. This is a shortcut used in  safari. Shortcut for “Paste and Style Matching“.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Screenshot / Print Screen

Command + Shift + 3

How to print screen on mac

To take the screenshot of the entire screen and save the screenshot as a picture on the desktop. Use this is the keys combination for mac. Read my article regarding taking a screenshot on mac.

Command + Shift + Control + 3

This key combination take a screenshot of your full screen. This screenshot is saved to the clipboard to be pasted to somewhere, according to your will. Read full article on how to print screen on the mac.

Command + Shift + Control + 4

This key combination take a screenshot of specific section of the screen. This screenshot is saved to the clipboard to be pasted to somewhere, according to your will. Read full article on how to print screen on mac.

Command + Shift + 4

If you want to screenshot a selection from your screen, this shortcut will give you the option to select what you want in a box and save it as a file on your desktop. If you modify it as Command + Shift + Control + 4, it will save it to the clipboard.

Other Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + Arrow

While working in text, use the command key with one of the arrow keys to move the cursor to different parts of a document. Using the command with the left arrow key will move it to the beginning of the current line while using it with the right arrow key will move it to the end of the current line. Using it with the up arrow will move it to the beginning of the document, while the down arrow will move it to the end of the document.

Control + D

For those who may have moved from a PC to a Mac, this shortcut will operate like the delete key on a Windows PC, deleting the character in front of your cursor.

Command + F

This shortcut will find text in a document, using a search bar functionality.

Command + H

Hide the windows of the application that is currently running. Modify as Command + Option + H to hide windows of other applications that are running.

Command + I

This shortcut helps to quickly get the information on the file or folder that is selected.

Option + Double-click

Opens a folder in a separate window. Simultaneously close the current window.

Command + Delete

Using this shortcut will move any selected items to the trash. Modifying this shortcut as Command + Shift + Delete will empty the trash, and modifying it as Command + Shift + Option + Delete will empty the trash without the confirmation dialog box.

Command + Z

Use this to “undo” the previous action.

Command + Shift + Z

This shortcut operates as a “redo” functionality to put back the last change that was undone with an “undo” function.

Command + Semicolon

Use this shortcut to find all misspelled words in a given document. By holding command and continuously hitting the semicolon (;) it will cycle through the misspelled words. Modify this as Command + Colon (Shift + Semicolon) to open the spelling and grammar window.

Command + Accent (`)

In the current front-running application, using this shortcut will activate the next window in line in that application. Modifying this as Command + Shift + Accent will activate the previous window in the application.

Command + Option + A

This is the companion shortcut for the commonly used Command + A shortcut for select all. Using Command + Option + A will deselect all selected items.

Concluding Thoughts

This article has certain connections to my previous articles like how to print screen on mac or how to take a screenshot on mac.

Value-added information – how to copy and paste on mac. how to take screenshot on mac

The core purpose is to bring ease and comfort in your life. For that, I am doing all this. This article contains 15 plus mac keyboard shortcuts. Read and try this.

Do tell me in the comment section that how useful this article for you people. Please ask your questions in the comment box. For more mac questions and confusions you can write to me and i’ll solve your problems.

That’s what Steve Sadiq is all about.

Best Wishes

Peace 🙂

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