iPhone Frozen Screen Fix 2019- Stuck on Apple Logo

Nothing is more troubling than the iPhone Frozen Screen which puts a break on all the operations you want to do. While searching for the fix of this iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem, you will come across many solutions. We have chosen the 5 of those iPhone Frozen Screen fixes and brought them here for you.

How to Fix iPhone Frozen Screen Issue 2019

However, before we move on to the solutions, we would like to cover why this problem occurs in the first place. So if you have been searching about ‘why my iPhone keeps freezing’, this guide will let you know about that.

Why iPhone Frozen Screen happens?

The iPhone 8 frozen screen or other iPhones stuck on their loading screen is a common problem which occurs due to many reasons. Those reasons could include the full storage space, incomplete updates or uninstalled updates, and low battery of the phone. However, these three reasons are only minor.

Why does iPhone Frozen Screen Happens

The major culprits are different iPhone bugs which have happened to be on your iPhone right now. They attacked because you installed a third-party app from an unknown or non-trusted source or this could be some kind of hack.

When a problem like iPhone frozen screen occurs, there are some instant methods which you can use to fix it. We shall now cover what worked for us and should do for you too.

Method No. 1: Hard Reset to fix iPhone Frozen Screen iPhone X

You should first try a simple approach first while dealing with a problem occurring on your iPhone. For instance, restarting or hard resetting your iPhone fix many problems like iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen.

Diagnose 3rd party apps to fix iphone touchscreen issue

One of the relevant errors that we have already provided the fix is iPhone stuck on the black spinning wheel. Also, if iPhone 6 is stuck on the Apple logo screen, this method will cover its solution as well. So let’s begin with that.

For iPhone 6 and older device:

  • To hard reset an iPhone 6 or older device, the key combination is different
  • Press and hold the power and home for at least 10 seconds
  • By doing this, the Apple logo will appear and your iPhone will restart

For the latest iPhone devices:

  • Again, the combination of buttons for hard resetting newer iPhones is different
  • On an iPhone 8 or X, press and release the volume up and down buttons
  • Now, press the side power button until the Apple logo appears

iphone spinning wheel

  • This will hard reset your iPhone and fix the problem as well

Method No. 2: Update the iPhone to fix iPhone Frozen Screen

If your iPhone is frozen and won’t turn off or reset, a quick iPhone might do the job. However, for that, you will need to your screen to be working at least for a while. You can then follow the steps given ahead to take care of that problem:

  • Open the settings and then the General section on your iPhone
  • Now, go to the Software Update tab and see if an update is available

iphone spinning wheel

  • Download and install the update to fix this issue for you instantly

If the problem still persists, try the following solution.

The faulty apps in your iPhone are not a good omen. Fix them as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience like this. Here is how you identify those faulty or buggy apps to fix this issue.

  • At the time your iPhone froze, find out the apps which were open
  • After hard resetting, try opening different apps to check that
  • If it freezes again after opening any particular app, here is the problem
  • Check whether the app has malware or was installed correctly or not
  • Delete and reinstall it properly and this should do it for you

Doing a factory reset iPhone will return everything back to normal if there isn’t a hardware issue behind this problem. To factory reset your iPhone, make a backup for all the data you have and then follow the steps given below:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC
  • Now open download and installed iTunes
  • Go to the summary section and click the restore button
  • Your iPhone will reboot and fix the problem as well


If there is a hardware issue behind the problem, this method wouldn’t work either.

There are times when faulty hardware can cause your iPhone to stop working. To fix such issues, you will need to contact the Apple support or store. 

iphone frozen screen

You can also visit a professional repair shop who have a reputation of dealing with these problems.


In this article, we discussed the iPhone Frozen Screen problem and top 5 working methods to fix it for you. Leave us your feedback and tell what worked for you to help other fellas. Keep visiting our website for more interesting Apple content.

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