iPhone App Trends of 2019

Today our topic is iPhone App Trends Of 2019. The New Year bought new technological trends, and Apple is ready to welcome some new technologies in the world of app development. While looking at the latest trends for 2019, make sure you remember that Apple is continuously working on updating the iOS applications. Before we look at iPhone app trends for the present year, let’s take a tour of what its app development world looks like.

From payment methods to augmented reality, app developers have been on their toes to keep ahead of the curve. This enabled businesses to generate revenue and scale their potential. Are you an app developer looking to generate capital or fundraise for a good cause? Learn how to build a donation website and gain the attention and help of people from all over the world.

At present, the Apple store has more than 2.2 million apps where the average cost of these apps is $0.5. Based on these facts, it is clear that the potential of creating apps with Apple is a must do in this market.

Top iOS/iPhone App Trends in 2019

Here are some iPhone App trends that you need to keep an eye on for during the year

1. App Security

While working in the mobile app development industry, the first aspect that comes in mind is app security. Due to the global outburst of hackers, Apple is focused on making the iPhone secure so that it is loved more by the people worldwide. Recently, Apple has made it mandatory for all apps to incorporate ATS – App Transport Security to make sure that they are secure.

Before you start out working in the app development industry, make sure you keep your security tight!

 2. Augmented Reality

The recent iOS updates have enabled the developers to play with augmented reality. The power of Apple’s ARKit framework has made the developers able to create smarter apps for users. With this framework, Apple tries to integrate it with the Apple MAPS and create an interactive display that also helps guide people. This feature is considered to be a must-have in the coming apps that make it big on the Apple store.

3. Apple Pay

The third quarter of 2018 generated several billion Apple Pay transactions.

These transactions are said to grow in the coming years. Add the security integration trend to this one, and you get something that is safe and operates smoothly. While looking to integrate payment methods on iPhone Apps, make sure you don’t forget the option of Apple Pay.

4. Apple HomeKit

Homes are getting smarter day by day. With the introduction and acceptance of smart home devices, the ways things used to be run has changed.

The massive acceptance of intelligent home devices depicts that there is a huge potential for apps that empower homeowners. Devices and apps utilizing IoT are trending when it comes to the iPhone. That’s the reason why there are several apps on the Apple store that are marking huge gains.

Updates That Can’t Be Ignored

To predict where the app development trends will go, it is essential to look at the updates that have been planned for 2019. ABI (Application Binary Interfaces) will become more stable – thanks to Swift 5.0. Artificial intelligence is also said to grow in demand as we move further in time. The ability to create apps that makes an impact on the users will be greatly valued in the world of app development.

Moreover, it is vital to keep in mind that Machine Learning is also a trend that will hold an essential place for app developers.

Final Take:

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