Simplest Guide to Fix iPad Camera Not Working

Hello dear, all friends and fans! This is your very own Steve Sadiq with another informative article. Today we will focus on a very common issue,  iPad Camera not Working.  Apple devices where on one hand are trusted due to their security and sophisticated nature, on the other hand, people prefer because they are pretty sure that they will get the value of money.

Issues like  “iPad Camera not working” are really disturbing for the user. It is the point when you start to lose your temper and you are getting confused,  However, calm down and control your temperament in this situation because we are giving most convenient ways to fix the problem iPad camera issues as we have written this article for you respected users. It is not much difficult to solve such issues.

Issues and problem are part and parcel of daily use when you are dealing with machines. Don’t worry, follow our guide and soon your issue will be resolved. Once you find the reason you can easily fix the issue of iPad camera not working. Let’s have a look at the cause of this error and then their step by step solutions and all possible solutions to fix your issue “iPad camera not working”

Causes of iPad Camera not working

Possible causes of the iPad Camera not working are

  1. Camera Software issue
  2. Insufficient Phone Memory
  3. Insufficient Space in the system to Run Apps

1. Camera Software Issue

There can be many reasons behind Issue your iPad camera not working or you are not familiar to these reasons or stop functioning. One of the reasons behind your iPad Camera not working is the software present in your Camera is not responding or not working. So if your iPad camera is not working then first you should check your system software.

To check to work of your iPad camera, try to use your iPad front camera or compare it with working of other software like FaceTime or Skype.

There can be other reasons also exists like:

2. Insufficient Memory of your Phone.

You might be facing the issue as your phone might be running out of the memory. Try to erase the data and useless applications and pictures and after getting your disk free from the unwanted things. Check the camera either it is working fine now or not. Hope this will solve the issue.

3. Insufficient Space in the system to Run Apps.

So try to find all possible reason behind the issue and then apply any suitable operation to fix this issue in your iPad. Here we are discussing all suitable approaches to fix issue iPad Camera not Working

Methods to fix if your iPad Camera not working

So if your iPad/iPhone  Front or Rear camera is not working, you can easily fix it by using the easiest methods are discussing below. Even if the flash is also not working, this brief discussion will guide you to fix all problems.

1. Close Camera App forcefully on the iPad:

To close your camera app forcefully, follow these instructions to skip out.

Step 1- Double click Home Button quickly which is at the bottom of your iPad.

Step 2- The complete description of all applications you have used would appear on the screen. Search the camera app and drag it up to close it forcefully.

Step 3- Try to reopen your camera application and if it is not working, then you should try other methods.

2. Hard Resetting Of your iPad issue:

Hard Resetting your device will sometime close all applications running on your iPad, which reboots all the applications again from the beginning of opening. Hence, you should try this method as it has been proven the best for this kind of issue.

Step 1- Press Sleep/Wake (On/ Off) button, which is at the top border of your iPad. Hold the button for a while.

Step 2- At the same time, press the Home button which is at the bottom of your iPad. Press and hold the Home button and On/Off button at the same time.

Step 3- Hold those buttons for about 10 seconds. After this method, your iPad screen goes to black or off mode and in few seconds, Apple logo will flash onto the screen.

Step 4- Within a few seconds, your iPad will boost up completely and the lock screen will appear. Hence, at this point  try to open your camera. Hopefully, your camera will work efficiently this time.

3. Is there enough storage space for photos in your iPad

A lot of users store much data in iPad and this data is not of their use. You should try to put your important data over iCloud present in your iPad and remove your trash so that your camera can work properly by getting proper space.

You can learn how you can get your important data back using different methods so that you can create extra space for your Camera to work efficiently.

4. Update to the latest iOS version:

Sometimes your current version of Operating System does not support old version already present on your iPad of Camera application or vice versa.

Therefore, you need to check first if the camera application is creating a problem that there must be an old version problem.

You can update your camera application old version by applying as Settings > General> Software Update. Check if any update is pending for your Camera application.

You can check for your iOS update, following the same path as for camera update. Therefore, after your application or iOS being updated, reboot your device so that it can launch it with updated sources.

5. Restore your iPad data:

Restoring the data on the iPad is also a good key to keep your things or important data back to previous conditions. It will need a backup file which you had created over iCloud or iTunes while your device was working efficiently.

Step by Step Guideline to Reset you iPad Data

1st Step – Connect your device with your Mac with the help of a cable.

2nd Step – Open iTunes and select your suitable command.

3rd Step – Your device system will appear having all the details and settings of your device. Select Restore iPad from the summary panel.

4th Step: Click once again on the Restore button to confirm the restoring process.

5th Step : Your data will be restored and your problem “ll also fixed.

6. Turn off  the ‘Voice-Over’ Feature:

It sounds surprising that Camera issue is observed when Voice-Over feature in your device is on. You can now simply solve this issue by following steps.

Go to your device  Setting>General>Accessibility and turn off the ‘Voice-Over’ feature. After this wait for a moment and again start the camera app.

Concluding Thoughts 

We covered all the possible aspects related to iPad camera. If your iPad Camera is not working due to any reason or issue in  Software or all other possible errors.

Here we have already discussed all possible methods which can be helpful to you to solve the problem. But if there is some hardware working problem then you have to go to the Apple store.


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