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How to Use iPad As A  Monitor – Simplest User Guide

Hello to all friends and fans. I fully hope that you are having an awesome time. I was checking my profile and I have got multiple requests from you guys to let you guys know that how can you guys use iPad as a monitor. So I have brought new ideas and solution to the question which Is most asked this week. Today I am going to guide you guys about “How To Use iPad As A Monitor”.

Are you satisfied with the screen of your Macbook? Does your Macbook provide you the exact display which you want to exactly have?

Today we are so much used to iPhone and iPad due to portability that we want to use them mostly. But we all are aware of the fact that the resolution and display of the iPad is far better than that of the Macbook/laptop. Now if you are willing to have something extra I am going to guide you.

Guess what it can be?

Yes, you can use your iPad as a monitor.

Must be stunned.

Yes, you have heard it right.

You can use your iPad as a monitor.

This will provide you the access to double screen making multi-tasking more easy for you. You are going to be an addict of the sublime display connecting it to the laptop.

How about that?

If you have a laptop and you are not satisfied with its single screen Or you are performing multi-tasks and you are in need of multiple screens but you cannot afford a multi-screen PC.  Then what you will do?

We are here to solve your problem because today our article topic is “How To Use iPad As A Monitor”.  In this article, you will find the easiest methods to Use iPad As A Second Monitor.  you can change your iPad in multi-screen pc.

An iPad is the best source with a real monitor in terms of small size or low price but having an iPad will enable you to use iPad as a monitor or as a desktop on your table by placing it with a stand.

You can use your iPad as a Second Monitor with the help of software at a low price. No matter, either you have Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook  Air, you can double your screen by using iPad as the second screen. 

Use your iPad as a second monitor is the best solution for those who have access to small screens because iPad simply doubles the display screen,  by allowing you to use more convenient gadgets as your second monitor.

But the bad effect of double screening is that the user may become addicted and cannot use a single screen again easily.

You can use easily your iPad as a monitor for your Mac by adding some software,  Mac mini or MacBook Air. Here we are telling you about the advantages of using the iPad as a Monitor free.

Benefits of  using  iPad as a monitor

  • Larger Screen /display.
  • Free of cost from extra hardware expenditures.
  • More productivity.
  • More attractiveness.

Things necessary to use iPad as a Monitor

Here is a list of  things required to use an iPad as a Second Monitor:

  1. A lightning USB Cable.
  2. A software (such as Duet display, Display, air display).
  3. An iPad { 😉 offcourse}
  4. IOS – Mac OS 10.13.3 or earlier.

Software types Use to Make iPad your As  Second Screen

There are multiple software available which will be very helpful to use an iPad as a second monitor.

Change your  iPad as your multi-screen Monitor by using Duet Display

You can use your iPad as your monitor only by using it with the help of the same lightning or 30 pin cable you are using for charging.  This makes a connection fast because these devices can directly be linked and the videos and games are smoothly connected with WiFi.

  • Works efficiently with iPad also works perfectly on MacBook, iMac or even your PC.
  • PRICE: $9.99


It is a paid app which turns your iPad into an additional screen for your pc.

  • Blazingly fast.
  • Multi-touch for every monitor.
  • Smart screen resolution.
  • Become more productive due to more space availibility.
  • PRICE:$17.99

How to Use iPad as Monitor for Free using Splashtop

It is a desktop app which gives you access to your computer from your Android or IOS devices.

  • Easy to use with all IOS models running on IOS 9 or others.
  • Requires a WiFi connection.
  • Desktop sharing.
  • View RDP sessions.
  • UI+stability upgrade, in-session toolbar.

Use iPad as a Second Screen using Air Display 3

This is an app that can changes your iPad into a second screen for your Mac.

  • Reset your screen.
  • Air display also uses wifi and USB.
  • Draw with your pressure sensitive stylus.
  • Select to
  • Type Use Air display a keyboard or any other form of a keyboard.
  • You can control your Mac with intuitive iOS gestures, tap or drag to operate the mouse or tap your fingers to right-click and drag fingers as a scroll wheel.
  • PRICE:$9.99.

These were some apps which can be proved as best to use your iPad as a monitor as there are a lot of apps available in the market, you can choose the one of the best for you according to your own choice.

Hence we just gave you some basic information about some apps that you can use to use to change your iPad as a  monitor free.

Now we will discuss complete methodology here to complete this task 

Use Your iPad As a Second Monitor

Following we are going to discuss how we can use our iPad as monitor by using “DuetDisplay”.

Downloading or installation of Dute Display on your Mac :

  • You can download Duet Display on your iPad or on your Macbook also by keeping a lightning USB ready for the connection because you wouldn’t wish to use WiFi because it creates much lagging.

Connect your Ipad:

  • After installation of the app, open the Duet Display server on your computer and then launch the Duet Display app on your
  • You will see the screen after this.
  • Next, Connect your computer by plugging it with a lightning USB cable, and your iPad will light up with an extension of your Mac. If you scroll your finger on right click, it will open iPad and you can touch the iPad to control it.

Reset display settings:

  • When you have installed the app and connect your iPad with your computer, the next step is to change its settings. Now we will start:

By mistake the app considers your iPad to be on the left side. But if you want it to be on the right side, you can change the settings so that your mouse works properly.

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 Follow the step by step guide

  • Click right on the desktop and then choose “display settings”.
  • Next, you will see two boxes or squares. One is for your desktop and other is for your iPad.
  • Click on the square representing your iPad system and drag it to place it on screen.
  • Task completed, close the settings.
  • Now, open Duet Display’s settings in your computer windows by clicking on its icon tray.
  • If your machine is powerful, set the frame rate to 60 fps and performance at ‘high power’.
  • But if your system hardly meets the requirements of the app,  you can change the settings in order to have a unique experience and save battery.
  • Adjust computer resolution, try different options and find one that will work best for you, the more you go on the resolution, lesser you will see it on screen.

Now you can easily use your iPad as a monitor screen.


Hope this article was informative to you and now you are able to  Use iPad As your Monitor Screen. We have discussed so easiest methods to change your iPad as Your Monitor screen. Please do let me know by providing your valuable feedback.

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What else do you want to learn about your iPhone, Macbook, iPad? I am here to guide you people, to solve your problems. So don’t worry and do share with me what you want to know more.

I will be looking for your feedback.

Peace 🙂




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