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How to Show Hidden Files on Mac [3 EASY METHODS]

Hello, and Most Welcome to another article by Steve Sadiq Solutions. Last week I was on vacation looking for the queries I have received. I didn’t have any plan to write this week but found that people are facing the problem: How to Show Hidden Files on Mac. 

I have to write on it because I remember when I purchased my MacBook, I had to work a lot to find it. So here I am for you people at how to show hidden files on Mac.

You just don’t need to worry if you are new to mac and if you are really curious about your mac. When Steve is here, you just need to contact Steve. All my social media profiles are shared with you people.

Yes, I remember the time when I purchased my 1st new mac. How lovely this feeling is. Can’t be described in words. Mac is simple love and I love to explore and more about it.

That’s why I have started this site to provide you as many solutions as I can relate to the Mac.

Value-added information.

Today I am going to share with you a very interesting and astonishing thing, which is that Android is quite similar to mac in my personal observation. What is similar between the two? Unix based OS (Operation System).

If you are from the field of IT you must have heard the name of Ubuntu. Android basically uses the Linux Operating System.

What amazing thing is that which I wanted to prove here which is very interesting is that Operating System named Linux is based on Unix. Hence the area of emergence of both android and mac is Unix.

As both are brothers/sister, they show quite a resemblance in the behavior, being the kids of the same father named UNIX. The behavior resembles but nature is quite different.

How many of you have used UNIX?

Anyone knows how to hide the file in Unix?

Those who don’t know I would like to add this interesting thing that if you want to hide a file in Unix, you have to add [.] “dot”. Basically, Linux and Unix are considered as very secure operating systems and used in multiple secure places.

These are not very user-friendly and their interface as not as attractive but they are very very secure, let me tell you this thing.

Coming back to mac. If I am using Linux and I want to hide a file with name Steve personal stuff. If will write it as .steve personal stuff (dot steve personal stuff). Right? This will be my hidden file now.

See!! In just simple knowledge sharing process I have told you how to hide your file on mac? Isn’t it amazing?

Just add a dot before the file name and you are done.  Thumbs Up.

The file will disappear from the eyes. 

Disappear doesn’t mean that the file will be deleted. It becomes a hidden file. This method of hiding a file seems to be quite easy but Steve will never recommend you this method as a code got involved in it. If you are new to mac, you might face problems in accessing them. Therefore, I would suggest you read my article regarding password protection of folders. That will definitely help you if you want to hide files for security purpose.

The reason why I am not in favor of this concept is that mac is not as easy as it seems to be. You don’t know it. I know that. I have spent years in exploring mac as much as i could. If you get stuck at any point what will you do?

Obviously, you will need Steve Sadiq. 

Come let’s check out.

Today I am going to share with you some valuable information related to

  • What are Hidden Files on MacOS
  • NON TERMINAL METHOD – How to Show Hidden Files on Mac
  • TERMINAL METHOD – How to Show Hidden Files on Mac
  • 3rd Party App/Software Method – How to Show Hidden Files on Mac

Let’s discuss these in detail

What are Hidden Files on MacOS

There are multiple kinds of files that are extremely important for the smooth working of the mac. That’s why mac is my love because mac designers know how to keep things safe and where to keep them.

This sophisticated piece of art has some extremely important files that are not shared or shown to the users and mac people know that if the user somehow gets these files deleted from the device. The device would not work properly.

Therefore keeping in mind the user at ease, these files are kept hidden from the users as not every user is a programmer. Mac is built for users of all types. This must be kept in mind that the hidden files can’t be removed/deleted neither these can be relocated on the dark side of HDD of your mac.

If the files get deleted accidentally, you would not be able to recover manually, u’ll be needing mac expert to restore them.

A very important precaution.

Always be aware that, mac has not provided much flexibility in the function of unhiding the files. When you unhide a single file, all the hidden files gets fairly visible. Means that could be a potential risk for you mac if your mac is used my your family members, kids, friends.


What Steve always says;

Before performing any kind of act or any experimentation with you macbook or iphone. Always keep the backup of your entire device. If anything happens by any mistake, you will be able to recover your work. This could save you from potential harm to your important data and device.

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac

From the Steve Solutions:- I have brought a very simple and easy step by step guide for you people so that you would be able to easily do by following my simple guide as I do in all my mac solutions.

I am going to share with you my 4 tested methods. Do check Mac Solution by Steve Sadiq on social platforms as well.

 Tested Methods by Steve Sadiq – How to show Hidden files on Mac

  1. Terminal Method
  2. Non Terminal Method
  3. Use of Third Party app/software

TERMINAL METHOD – How to view hidden mac files

Don’t get afraid or tense at all. You are not required to do complicated coding. As it usually happens that when people hear about the terminal, they get confused or think of going to the apple store for their valuable device.

Let me share an interesting thing to you guys.

You just have to write a SINGLE LINE in the Terminal. 

The see the magic of Steve and mac. That’s the sublime majestic power of the gigantic Terminal. All mac version Supported. If not work on your version of mac to share with me.


Step No. 1

Open ‘Terminal’. Search Terminal in Finder and click on the result.

Step No. 2

Type or paste the following command in the terminal “defaults write Apple Show All Files TRUE; kill all Finder” and press Enter or to show hidden files on mac


Step No. 3

This should solve your query concerning hidden files on MacOS and you should see all the hidden files.

*** Note: There is some difference in command mentioned in step 2 and in the image above. Actually, both the command will work but we promised you a one-liner so that’s that.***

On a further note, the above command both shows the hidden files and refreshes the Finder so hidden file appears.

How to Hide Fileson Mac

To again hide the files and folders, just open terminal and type or paste this one-liner ” defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE; kill all Finder  ”

how to show hidden files on mac


It’s Done.

NON TERMINAL METHOD – How to view hidden mac files

The following is the simplest way to unhide/show hidden files in Mac OS Sierra or later versions. Why? Well, because you can literally unhide files with keyboard shortcuts. Let’s see how;

Step 1:- Locate the file

  • Go to ‘Finder’
  • Search for the folder containing hidden files.
  • If not sure, open any folder with files in it, when you unhide files all hidden files are shown.

Step 2:- Use of commands.

  •  Press Cmd + Shift + . [dot]   
  • This will show all the hidden files on your Mac.

Step 3:- View Hidden Mac files.

Use the keys,

 Cmd + Shift +. [dot]  

how to show hidden files on mac


If you press the above-mentioned combination of keys, it will hide the files. To view the files again, press the combination again. once to unhide and again to hide the files. 

Use of Third Party app/software 

FUNTER is the one that I am going to suggest you.

Install ‘FUNTER‘ application, this will help you to search for hidden files or folders. This application is available for download free of cost for Mac.

It is loaded with many features such as a search option so that you can enter your file’s name and click to find it.

This amazing app searches for both hidden and regular files and displays the results. The response time is extremely quick.


1 Nice interface.

2. Multiple options.


We else do you want to know about your mac or iphone? If any of the methods shared in this article don’t work for me, you don’t need to worry about that, share with me in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.

If you have not understood what I have shared with you people, I’ll summarize for you so that you will get a clear idea.

Simple dot Method

I have shared with you about he operating system of Android and Mac. As both are linux based. Then I have shared with you guys about how you can hide your files on mac. The method was a “Simple Dot Method” – Put a dot before file name and it will be the hidden file. 

fix the not showing hidden files error

Then in the 2nd part of this article, I have shared with you my 3 tested ways of how to show hidden files on mac. I am pretty sure that this will also resolve the issue of “fix the not showing hidden files error”

I have many solutions but I only share with you guys the solutions that are quite convenient for you guys. Because I have to write for a wide audience. My audience includes beginners, general mac users. Non-Programmers. Non-IT professionals.

I have to keep in mind this thing that my methods would not harm your system. I have to care for you guys for your love and respect that you people gave to me.

Before I say goodbye. I would repeat.

Never forget to hide the files after use. The unhidden files may cause harm to your mac. Never forget this thing. This is highly important.

Mac Suggestion BY Steve Sadiq:






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