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How to Remove Startup programs on Mac [Boost the Speed of your Mac]

Hello and Welcome to another very informative and useful article related to you Macbook performance. Are you looking for the solution of – how to remove startup programs on Mac? You are at the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you step by step with the help of pictures about removing startup programs

I would recommend you to must read this article as this is something that will really delight you. This process will boost the speed of your mac and ensure the smooth working. You will be happy with your Mac and that’s what Steve Sadiq wants you to be.

Do you know?

What are startup Programs?

If you don’t know- Must read this article.

Whenever you use a program or application, some temporary files get activated along with them and open in the background process of the mac, that not only just take the extra space of the mac but also puts the overburden on your machine. Consequently, the machine becomes slow and also this effects the battery performance.How to Remove Startup programs on Mac

If you want to boost the performance, speed and battery life of your mac. You must know how to manage the startup Programs to improve the overall performance of your machine.

Before you proceed to the process and start doing or understand the startup programs. Prior to starting the process, you should also know, “How Startup programs on Mac, are the problem for your Mac. The Mac devices boast of being better in terms of battery backup, processing power, graphics, battery life and other multiple functions than its rivals.

Special from Steve:

I would like to repeat what I always say before you proceed, always take a backup of your data and device so that In casing of any kind of mishandling of mistake from your side won’t affect you. 


Do you know? Unnecessary startup reduces mac life?

Like the lifespan of the humans, every machine has a specific life in terms of hardware. If you have purchased a mac then that doesn’t mean that it will keep on working with you forever. Every device is built for a specific period of time. The Device doesn’t get depleted but the components life comes to an end. Take the example of the battery, it will be most effective when used between a typical number of cycles known as battery cycles.

Every battery has specific recharging cycles and after that, it gets expired. Some researchers have calculated the battery life to be five hundred charge cycles as this is usually calculated in nerd language. 

Similar to the battery life, the other hardware components also have a fixed life, for example, CPU cycles. Hard disk cycles. The startups that are not compulsory use your battery life, CPU cycles, Ram in short your machine life gets lesser and lesser.

Your questions and issues made me conduct the complete survey of my mac and I have thoroughly tested by using my device.

You don’t even know that you are yourself reducing you mac life.

Many new Mac users and non-IT professionals and non-programmers have sent me multiple queries. When I thoroughly tested and performed multiple experiments, I have found that the cause of the majority of the issue with mac is the startup programs and applications. As these use your hardware thereby reducing the life of your mac. After the half-life what usually happens? You mac starts malfunctioning. Can also get a hang.

So I would strongly recommend you to avoid reaching that state.



I am going to share with you the step by step guide, by using these methods, I assure you that;

1. The life of you Macbook increase.

2. You mac would run smoothly.

3. The battery will last longer and drain slower.

4. You trust on the mac will always remain strong.

So, let’s start then.

How to Add Startup Items on Mac

Before you learn to remove startup programs on Mac, I consider it important that you should know 1st how to add startup programs on Mac. The basic reason is that, if you know how to add startup programs, you will be aware next time while the system asks you to add a program to startup.

In this way, you will better decide to add the programs to the startup list, as now you know the importance and drawbacks of adding startup programs to Mac.

The very 1st step is to log in to the account in which the Startup program is to be added. I’ll strongly suggest you check for the program before you are going to add it Startup program list. Avoid adding too many programs in the Startup list. This will slow down you Macbook posing heavy load and ultimately affect the performance.

Step by Step Guide:-

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and then click on ‘Users & Groups’. How to Remove Startup programs on Mac
  2. A popup window will appear. On the left-hand side users list for your Mac will be displayed (by default it is the current user). If you want to manage another account, Click on the account and provide the credentials to switch user (account). Skip this step if you want to manage current user account.
  3. In the Login Items tab, you will see a list of Startup programs. Click on (Addition Symbol “+“) below to add items from the list. (See the pic for reference)How to Remove Startup programs on Mac
  4. A new window will be opened containing a list of programs.
  5. Select the program and click ‘Add’.

Startup list items will be running automatically when you start your computer next time.

Alternative through docker panel

How to Remove Startup programs on Mac

  • Right click on the program.
  • Click on ‘Options’.
  • Select ‘Open at Login’.

See, it’s really very easy.

How to Remove Startup Program on Mac

The process is quite similar to adding startup programs. The 1st step is to login to the user account. Now you have logged in to the account from where you want to remove the startup programs.

If you want to manage for another user, then you must have authorization (i.e username & password). It is my strong recommendation to remove useless 3rd party applications from the list.

Step By Step Guide to Remove startup programs on Mac

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and then click on ‘Users & Groups’.How to Remove Startup programs on Mac
  2. A popup window will appear. On the left-hand side users list for your Mac will be displayed (by default it is the current user). If you want to manage another account, Click on the account and provide the credentials to switch user (account). Skip this step if you want to manage current user account.
  3. Navigate to the Login Items tab by clicking on Login Items.How to Remove Startup programs on Mac
  4. In the Login Items tab, you will see a list of applications that are in Startup programs.  Carefully, select the programs you want to remove ( multiple items can be selected).
  5. Click on (Minus symbol “-“) below to remove startup programs from the list.How to Remove Startup programs on Mac

This should remove the selected program from the Startup Item list. Next time when you start your Mac these programs won’t be running.

Bravo! You have done it.

Hope you have got a clear Idea now.

Concluding Thoughts

Each update in the mac brings new advancements in the user interface. But remember that with each update there came no change in the location of the add and remove startup items. Login programs should not be changed. Don’t let the startup get on your nerves. This is not such thing which requires you to do certain kind of coding.

You just need to check each and every single program and you have to manually close it. But please check that either it is a system file or a program file.

Be Careful about that.

There are other alternatives to it but I’ll not recommend you to use those methods as those require mac technical knowledge and if you are a beginner and non IT professional then those methods are not for you guys.

Well if you don’t have budget constraints then, you can check the paid apps. There will be a lot available in the market. If you ask me, I’ll also recommend you the one. But I want you to learn to maintain your machine yourself.

Do let me know in comments that how much useful this article was for you. If you have any further queries/question or you didn’t understand anything, feel free to contact me any time.

This is Steve Sadiq, signing off with another article of Mac Solutions.

Take Care.

Peace 🙂


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