How To Record Screen on Mac [4 paid and 2 free Methods]

Hello, guys, this is your very own Steve Sadiq with another amazing article of The Mac Smack from the Steve Apple Solutions. I fully hope you all would be fine and happy. In this article, I am going to share with you How to Record Screen on Mac. With the help of very easy 6 very easy methods, some of the methods are free while some methods are paid to record Screen on Mac.

Screen capture is a wonderful way to capture your audience to the screen and communicating to them the message you want this is provided. In this case, screen capture plays as most effective tools as more people don’t want to write read or write nowadays bother to find videos quite convincing therefore we have decided to share with you some methods that will help you to capture your screen in a video.

4 Paid tools – How to Record Screen on Mac

The 4 Paid Apps that we are going to share with you are,

  1. We Video (Paid)
  2. Snagit (Paid)
  3. Camtasia (Paid)
  4. ScreenFlow (Paid)

2 Free Tools – How to Record Screen on Mac

  1. Quick Time Player (Inbuilt – Free)
  2. OBS (Free)

In this article on Mac, I will guide you how to make presentations on your Mac screen or making product pages on the Mac if you are not using the screen capture then you should definitely have to I am going to show you how to record your screen on Mac.

I am going to share with you the Multiple options that are free and paid as well. Paid options have definitely the advantage as they provide the multiple features whereas the free options are quite limited but it depends upon your use.

You should have to make a smart choice by keeping in mind the use of the product we will share all the methods with you that’s what steps are the keys all about when it comes to paid options there are multiple available in the market but we will have a look at the 4 options that you can use for screen capture video on Mac.

1. We Video – Paid Tools

1st one is the one that is probably the new option and the cheapest option. In this option, we use “we video”. It is an online cloud-based solution and now it also uses the screen capture feature. You don’t need to install any software or application to use that isn’t it amazing the benefit of this is that the videos are stored in the cloud.

If you have partners or professionals that are working with you online they can edit for you how is using the data from the cloud option.

2. Snagit – Paid Tool (Mac + Win)

Number 2nd screen video on Mac is a program name Snagit. It is available in 49 dollars.

Advantage of Snagit

An advantage of Snagit is that it is available in

  • Windows version
  • MAC version

so you can use it on both and that is a wonderful option the amazing thing about Snagit it is that it is a no first screen recording tool. You just need to press the screen recording button and select the area and you are on the way no difficulty.

Sangeet has got some wonderful and annotation and markup features that help you to show the audience things that you want to show on the screen when it comes to editing it’s quite a force down a bit but one thing amazing about Snagit is there you can also take the screenshot on Snagit the option. There are many ways by which you can take a Screenshot on mac. I fully hope that you have read the article related to Print Screen on Mac.

3. Camtasia – Paid Tool (Mac + Win)

On the 3rd Number of making the video on Mac is the elder brother of Snagit called Camtasia. Camtasia is very special because you can use it on Windows as well as on Mac but again the thing comes that it is the paid version and you will have to pay some extra bucks for using this software named Camtasia.

Well, it will be interesting to know that both Snagit and Camtasia are created by same company. In past Snagit was only used to take screenshots whereas,  Camtasia was used for screen recording now Snagit can also make screen video. Camtasia is available in $199.

Camtasia comes with the full editing technology and complete solution. The amazing thing about Camtasia is that you can use video record screen as well as you can use the webcam to record so in this way you can use two simultaneous recordings which is quite good and then you can edit it where this makes.

Camtasia is a wonderful solution if you want to capture the screen on Mac. If you are looking for a complete end to end solution that works on different platforms like Windows and Mac. Camtasia is a good choice also the editing feature is there but at the price of $199 this is quite expensive.

4. ScreenFlow – Paid (Mac Only)

Now I come to our 4th solution which is quite convenient and also under affordable price and this is called as ScreenFlow solution which in my opinion is the most suited option in terms of screen record on Mac. This is the most robust and most convenient tool in screen capture on Mac and making videos on Mac screen and also editing will the amusing thing about this is that you can not only simultaneously.

You can easily record the screen in pc using the webcam. Also, you can record from your phone. Screenflow is quite amazing because it gives you three options at a time to record the video isn’t it amazing? Yes, that’s why I say this is my most preferred recommendation. Let me tell you this is a very high power video editing solution this is where it stands out. If you can afford some extra bucks and searching for a paid tool then you should have to try ScreenFlow when it comes to screen capture on Mac.

Steve Recommendation about ScreenFlow – Checkout Trial Version

You cannot go past to ScreenFlow. I would strongly recommend you guys to go and get the trial versions of these and try them on your Mac and find out which one is quite suitable for you. If you find it suitable for you then you should have to purchase and use it. If you are a professional and you want to earn some good amount from using that well if you ask me. Many YouTubers are using it.

I will tell you in the end that which screen recording tool do I use so stay tuned. Keep on reading!!! Those were the paid options now let’s have a look at the free options.

The free options are also quite wonderful options but the sad part is that you don’t have the screen recordingscreen editing facility available at your end. You will have to use other editing software to edit those videos that you capture screen on your mac.

There are two main free options here. The first one is incredibly easy to use it has some reduced functionality the next one is quite but it has a unique functionality of recording gaming videos as well the first one is good time if you on a Mac Joshi watching is very have given the night then you order Coffee Time installed on your system it has a pretty powerful screen functional capabilities built.

2 Free Tools – How to Record Screen on Mac

1. QuickTime Player (Free Tool) – Mac Inbuilt

If you capture screen recording in QuickTime player just open File. New screen recording auto shortcut is in the upper key command and here you go and by using it you can record your screen on Mac. This is a really simple solution and you have pre-installed it on your MacBook. The next option is OBS open broadcast software.

2. OBS – Free Tool

PC and Linux but it has also good screen recording capabilities as well. obviously can be the direction of your screen to record voice record the whole thing you can control over the Jackson bright side going to be recording to say you cancel and best functionality then what are the things that will like it OBS can be the direction of yours going to record screen video for free control. OBS provides you best functionality for free screen recording on mac.

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