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How To Print Screen On Mac [Quick & Easy Method]

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a great time. Welcome to Steve Sadiq Mac Solutions. Today I am here with a very interesting and extremely useful guide that everyone loves to know. Today, I will guide you about – How to Print screen on the mac. Before we start I have a question for you guys. Is there any difference between Print Screen on Mac and screenshot on mac?

You must have seen the window keyboard. There is a print screen button on it. The print screen option in the window captures the image of the screen and stores it in the clipboard. This is just like copy paste function. But this was windows option.

The story of mac is not similar to windows. If you carefully look at the keyboard of the mac, you will not find the Print Screen button. Now the thing is that. If there is not a key on the keyboard then how can you take a screenshot on mac?

Don’t worry guys!!!

I will tell you a very easy method by which you can take the screenshot on mac by using and complicated code. Compared to the windows.

AMAZING THING About screenshot on the mac

This is why Steve loves mac, IOS and apple toys because you get an awesome feature that offers variety and apple always know what people want and what are the possibilities in it. In contrast to the Window which offers the single feature of capturing the entire screen. Mac offers 3 diverse options.

  • You can take a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • It offers a screenshot of the selected are of the screen.
  • There is also another option by which you can take a screenshot of a window only.

How To Print Screen On Mac – Method 1.

 Save the image of the screenshot on the desktop or any other location on hard drive.  

The screenshot on Mac – Save the screenshot as an image file on the desktop.

More interesting thing is that you can do it by using simple keyboard buttons. Press three keys in combination and here you go. I have provided the combination. This will solve the issue of How to Print screen on mac or you can also say how to take a screenshot on mac.

For taking the screenshot of the full screen of Mac here is the command.
Command + Shift + 3

How to print screen on mac

If you don’t want to take the screen shot of the entire screen, rather you want to take the screen shot of the selected or specific portion of the screen, here is the command for that. The command below shows the selection box and you can choose the area you want to capture and save.

For taking the screen shot of the Specific Section of Screen here is the command.
Command + Shift + 4

The command that is provided below takes the screenshot of a window only. The screenshot is saved as a file on the desktop.
Command + Shift + 4 then spacebar, then click a window

The commands that I have mentioned above are unique in their functionality as they save the captured screen or area of the captured screen on a specific file on the mac. You can locate the file directly on the desktop of the mac. The captured screen in saved on the desktop.



How To Print Screen On Mac – Method 2.

 Capture to the Clipboard but don’t save the screenshot as the image file.  

The screenshot on Mac – Capture to clipboard – Just like a print screen on Windows.

Like I have mentioned the three ways to take the screenshot on mac. Let’s check these one by one and the effect of doing it. I just want that whatever you are searching and whatever you want to know, just learn that thing and when you apply that, you feel relaxed, satisfied and comfortable.

That’s what Steve Mac Solutions is all about.

Copy Screen Shot to Mac Clipboard – Similar to Print Screen in Windows – In Mac Style.

These Commands that I am going to share with you people right now are a little bit different in functionality than those described. These function exactly like the print screen in windows.

For taking the screenshot of the full screen of Mac here is the command, without saving the screenshot file on desktop.

Now the scenario is that you just want the copy of the entire screen which you want to paste somewhere else. You don’t want the screenshot image to be saved on your Macbook. Don’t worry. This command is for you. Press this command and the entire screen is captured to the clipboard. It can be pasted easily anywhere you want.

For taking the screenshot of the specific section of the screen, without saving the screenshot file on desktop, here is the command.

This command copy the specific area of the screen to clipboard instead of the entire screen. So you can paste your desired screen area wherever you want.

For taking the screenshot of a window as specified by hovering snapshot cursor, without saving the screenshot file on desktop
COMMAND + CONTROL + SHIFT + 4, then spacebar and click the window

This command is very helpful in taking the screenshot and saving it on the clipboard for pasting to the desired location. This combination of keys takes a screenshot of a window as specified by the hovering snapshot cursor. The screenshot is then saved to the clipboard and not saved as an image file on the desktop or any other location on the hard drive of the Mac.

Using this combination, you can simply copy paste the entire screen, a specific section of the screen.

An important point to consider – How To Print Screen On Mac

I just want to you share with you each and everything that I have learned from my experiences. Those Mac users who are using Mac since the beginning days might remember the old Mac keyboard. I am just sharing this info so that you people don’t get confused in any step.

The guys who are using Mac since quite a long time must remember that there has been an Apple key on the Mac keyboard. I have named it as Apple key because the key had an Apple logo on it. The same Apple key is now upgraded and replaced with the command key.

Don’t get confused.

That’s really simple.

Just have a look at your keyboard. While you are facing the keyboard you can easily locate the “COMMAND” on the left side of the Spacebar.

Focus primarily on the Short Combinations

You should have to keep in mind one thing while performing the task. You have to press all the keys in the combination at the same time. Don’t do this like you press this one by one. No, No. This won’t help you in any way. You Must have to press all the keys at the same time. Only then this works.

One final thing to note here involves multiple monitors; screenshots that aim to copy the entire screen will copy all screens if the Mac is using multiple displays. That does not apply to the rectangular drawn box method, or to choose a shot of a specific window rather than the full screen.

So again, re-emphasizing the shortcut keys: Command+Shift+3 will print the screen to a file on the Mac desktop, while Command+Control+Shift+3 will print the screen to the clipboard just like the Windows function works. Remember the difference between the two, and use which works best for you.

Concluding Thoughts

Many people have asked me this question. How to print screen on Mac. This was not such a difficult topic on which i had to write an article. Then I suddenly realized that each and every single person who reads my blogs is equally important and respectable to me. I value and respect everyone.

This is an easy work. It just requires the combination of keys. If you know that a combination of the keys then, taking a screenshot on Mac is the easiest task of the world. I have also realized that a few people who have just migrated from Windows to Mac must be having difficulty in taking the screenshot on mac.

Also, some non-technical and non-IT people who are not familiar with the advanced features of Mac are also unaware of these useful features. Mac simply love. It provides you with 2 options in contrast to windows which allows you to take a screenshot. The windows screenshot is saved to the clipboard and you can paste it wherever you want.

If you want to save the print screen image on your hard drive on Windows, you will have to paste the image on paint and then you can save it. Or snipper tool is a useful option.

You can take a screenshot on Mac by 2 ways

In Mac, you can,

  1. Take the screenshot and capture it as an image on your hard drive.
  2. PrintScreen the entire screen/specific area of the screen and the area or the entire screen is saved to the clipboard. You can paste it wherever you want.

Isn’t it interesting and amazing? I have shared the codes which you can use. Please read the complete article carefully and you will be in ease.

I fully hope that now you have all the information about, How To Print Screen On Mac. I have explained in detail all the steps that you need to follow. Try this and it is very easy. If you still find anything confusing, just ask me in the comment section. I’ll be more than glad to reply the question. Must provide me the feedback about today’s article. I’ll be waiting to read from you guys.

This is Steve Saddiq, signing off for today.

Stay Blessed.

Peace 🙂


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