How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Mac

Hello, all respected users hope you are successfully using your Mac. We are giving our best articles to guide you all about the functionality of your Mac. Today we are here to tell you “How to Connect Xbox one Controller to Mac”.

When it comes to the controllers while using your Mac as a source of extreme entertainment, the Xbox One controller is regarded as one of the best ones and you all are crazy for Mac and Xbox. It is with comfortable curves that adjust into your palms easily. Best-textured buttons and with incredible vibration system.

These all make Xbox most wanted to Mac. Hence you should familiar about   “ How to Connect  Xbox One Controller to Mac”.  Who wants to experience the best way of gaming on their Mac.

After all, you prefer the best controller for gaming like Xbox 360 controller. This article will enable you to know about  “How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Mac Without Receiver”  to have a wonderful experience of gaming on your Mac without Keyboard and mouse.

The Xbox One with its soft curved shape, wonderful buttons, and the wireless range is much Famous among Mac users. But what if you want to Use “  Xbox One Controller on Your Mac and you don’t know how to Connect Xbox One Controller On Mac.  Simply follow these easy guidelines to Connect Xbox Controller to your Mac.

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Easy Steps to Connect your Xbox One Controller to Mac

Xbox One is a wireless controller, but instead of Bluetooth, it implements its own special Microsoft connectivity wireless system. Due to this, it is not possible to use your Xbox One controller on the Mac wirelessly, by Bluetooth or wireless adaptor however, MacOs itself does not allow wireless connectivity.

However, you can use Xbox along with special connectivity cables. Along with that, you will also require special devices for connectivity. The steps are easy, so follow them and let’s get started!

Installing the Third-Party Drivers

  • Open your Mac Web Browser.
  • Download the latest release of 360 Controller that is available on the GitHub link. As of this article, the latest release is 360 Controller 0.16.10.
  • Before you are going to install drivers,  Save your files or other ongoing tasks or work as your Mac Computer will restart as part of the installation process of Xbox 360 Controller Driver.
  • The .Dmg file 360Controllerinstall_*.Dmg will be present in the downloads folder. Double click to open it, and open the Pkg file.
  • Click on continue. Then click on continue to Agree to the License Agreement present in front of this paper (Go through it if you want). Then click on install.
  • You will be able to restart your Computer to continue installing the software, as mentioned before. Click on Continue Installation.
  • Click on Restart. Your Mac will restart.
  • After restarting, open System Preferences. You will now find Xbox 360 Controllers among the given icons at the bottom. Click to open it.
  • If your Xbox is not connected then it will show “ No new device found or connected”.
  • The next step will be connecting your controller with your Mac.

Connecting the Controller

  • fix in the Xbox One controller in your Mac. For the latest Mac, use the USB-C to USB-A
  • System Extension Blocked warning might be shown. Click on OK.
  • In System Preferences, go to Security and Privacy. Open the General Tab, and click on the lock in the lower left. Enter your password to Unlock.
  • Then Click Allow.

Testing of the Connection

  • You can check either your controller is functioning properly or not in your Mac in the Controllers Test
  • When your controller is connected and you press these buttons, the image on the controller will respond. Test the buttons and check if they show up on the Preference pane. After checking all the buttons, you can be sure that the Xbox One controller is now functioning properly with your Mac.

The controller is ready to use:

Your controller is Connected run your favorite Mac Games and start playing with the Xbox One Controller.

Configuring Xbox Controller on your Macbook

Once your Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller has been connected, you can o set some changes according to your choice.

  • On the front page, you can invert the X or Y axis of the controller, for both left and right stick. For example in-game, if you press the joystick upwards the camera will move downwards. This is preferable to the User’s choice.
  • In the Binding tab, you can also link each control to a custom or default function, as per your choice.  This custom button mapping might prove to be buggy in the current version.
  • Under the Advanced tab, the controller’s sticks can be calibrated in order to fix the dead zone.
  • Advantage:
  • If for any reason you wish to uninstall the driver from your Mac, there is an uninstall option present in the Advanced 

Concluding Thoughts

We hope your Xbox One controller has been able to connect to your Mac successfully. If you need more help to Connect Xbox with your Mac you can put your queries to remove your confusion.

if you face any further problems in connecting the Xbox controller, you can ask in the comments section below and we shall solve your problems as soon as possible.

We hope this article is helpful to you.  That’s all for today’s article about  How to connect your Xbox One Controller to Mac computer.

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