[Solved] mds_stores Process Consuming High CPU Usage

Hello dear friends and fans. This is your very own Steve Sadiq from Steve Apple Solutions. You must be looking for the Solution related to mds_stores and High CPU Consumption issue. So I have decided to share with you guys about mds_stores consuming high CPU. In this article, I am going to help you guys in the matter of solving the issue of What is mds_stores? and How to fix mds_stores high CPU usage?

Am I right?

Before this, I want to know from you Why do you prefer MacBook over windows laptop?

Your answer would probably be, the amazing class of Apple products,  smooth interface, security of Mac. All these features make the MacBook a preferable choice for the users.

People love to use Macbook, iPhone and other Apple products because they are highly dependable, secure, efficient devices.

In the world of electronics and gadgets, there is no such device that can meet the standards of Apple devices.

In this regard, I would like to share with you that undoubtedly Apple’s Macbook is the most powerful and strong raised level surface amongst computer experts.

Apple has provided such a splendid user interface which is more than enough to attract quality users to join the party. But as I have discussed in my different articles that Mac is also an electronic device. Issues are always there with electronics.

There are times when Mac users have to face issues like MDS consuming High Power. This is not such a thing that Mac users have to get worried about. We are going to share with you simple and easy steps to solve the issue.

mds_stores consuming high power

Mds Store Process Consuming High CPU Usage

Before we start let me share you some of the additional information about the topic. But before that, let me know that,

How many of you know about MDS Stores?

Mds_Stores in Mac

Mds-Store is one of the most common and main features in the Apple spotlight. Guess. What does MDS stand for?

 “mds” stands for “MetaData Server,”

Command to access Spotlight?

You can get access to Spotlight by pressing Command+Spacebar


spotlight window in doing fix mds stores consuming high power

  • Mds stands for METADATA SERVER.
  • It,s a very powerful part of the spotlight.
  • Spotlight help us to find apps, documents, and many more files in our Mac.
  • We can also get movies, weather updates, news, and many more things.
  • Mds-Store indexes are the hard drives directories so we can make the search very easily and fastly.
  • Let me show you the image of the spotlight icon

Checkout the image of spotlight icon for MDS-Stores

The Reason Why Mds-Store Take Up Most Of The CPU

The following are the reasons why Mds-store take up the most of the CPU

  • Mds-store has to index our hard drive.
  • If we have many numbers of files and documents that take up a lot of memory, then mds-store is going to take up the most of the CPU because it stores numbers of files.
  • It,s also consume a lot of power.
  • Mds takes most of the CPU because it play a big role.
  • It,s also cause your device to slow down and regularly crashed.
  • Mds also overheat your PC.

mds_stores Process Consuming High CPU Usage In Mac

  • There are a lot of problems and issues that Mac users have to face.
  • You can solve the issues and problems by using the following 2 methods.

Method 1: Remove Some Directories from Spotlight

  • Firstly launch system preference from the apple menu.
  • Choose the spotlight preference panel.
  • Click on the privacy tab.
  • Drag and drop folders to exclude from the spotlight index OR click the “+” icon in the corner to manually select hard drives and directories.

Step  by Step Guide To Remove Directories from Spotlight

Step-1: Firstly, delete the Spotlight’s database. Go to the Terminal, it is found in Applications/Utilities. Now copy and paste the following command in the prompt:

sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100/*


Step-2: Restart and let the re-indexing take place. As re-indexing may take a lot of time depending on the factors I mentioned earlier in this post, I’d suggest you let it happen overnight.

Step-3: Now you have to remove directories that have frequently changing content from the Spotlight’s indexing. Go to System Preferences, click the Privacy tab and then drag-and-drop onto it any directories you don’t want it to index.

Note: I removed my CrashPlan, MobileSync and Dropbox folders, and it helped a lot.

Step-4: Restart again and that’s it.

Method 2: Disable Spotlight (step by step guide)

Step-1: Go to Terminal, it is found in Applications/UtilitiesCopy and paste the following command in the prompt:

sudo mdutil -a -i off

Step-2: Restart your system.

Note: You can switch the Spotlight back anytime by simply pasting the following command in Terminal:

sudo mdutil -a -i off
  • From the finder Choose the Apple menu then choose “System preference”.
  • Choose spotlight from the top of the row.
  • Check the items which you want to allow the spotlight to index.
  • Uncheck the items you don,t need spotlight to index.

Note: I removed my CrashPlan, MobileSync and Dropbox folders, and it helped a lot.

How to Increase CPU Speed

  • Delete the programs which you will never use.
  • Limit the programs that how many programs run at startup.
  • Clean up your hard disk and remove the unuseful data from the hard disk.
  • RUN a few programs at the same time.
  • Turn off the visual effects.
  • Change the size of virtual memory.

How to Reduce the CPU Usage

  • Under the processes TAB in the task manager, you will see all the running programs.
  • Then click the “CPU header” to sort the processes by CPU usage.
  • You can see which programs are using most of the CPU consistently.
  • Click the End button to finish the process.

Important Questions and Answers

Q: Md,s stands for what?

Ans:  Md,s stands  for metadata server,

Q: What is Mds-process

    Ans: Md,s process is the part of the spotlight,   it,s a part of the spotlight and it,s a search feature which is a very powerful and useful feature in Mac

You can access the spotlight by command+spacebar

Q: How to reset spotlight?

Ans: Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Privacy Tab.
  • Select the “+” button and press the shift Command C to reveal your hard drives.
  • Hold the command key.
  • Click the various drives which you want to add in your selection.
  • Add the drives to your selection.

Q: How do we exit the spotlight app?

Ans : Follow these steps:

  • Open the utility folder.
  • Open the activity monitor from the active applications list to find the system UI server.
  • Go to Click on them to highlight.
  • Then Click on the Quit process.
  • Click on the Quit button to Quit the process.

Q: How we disable spotlight search?

Ans: Follow these steps:

  • Go to the setting and then tap general
  • Tap on the spotlight search
  • Disable suggestion in the search
  • Exit spotlight search
  • Exit general

Q: How can we rebuild Mac?

Ans: Follow these steps:

  • Select the system preference.
  • Then Click the spotlight pane.
  • After that Click on the privacy tab.
  • Go to Click the “+” button.
  • Select the folder disk whose index you want to rebuild.
  • Click on the OK button.


Md,s is the part of the spotlight. The most powerful and the most useful search feature and then we discuss the different reasons that why mds take most of the CPU power and we also discuss the methods to fix the mds power consumption and how we increase CPU speed by decreasing CPU usage.


All the information mentioned above about the Mds and CPU usage on Mac Is true. In case you have any query on this topic you can share with us and you. Also, comment below in the comment box.

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