How to Fix Mac Error Code-36 Permanently

Hello friends and fans, this is Steve Sadiq with an important article related to Mac Solutions by Steve. Today I’ll help you to fix mac error code 36. Obviously, this is very much annoying and disturbing when you face such an issue while working on your MacBook. Don’t worry, I am going to share with you a very simple solution, that will easily help you to solve this error code 36.

How to Fix Mac Error Code-36 Permanently – Video Tutorial

The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “FileName” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)

People who are not related to IT or don’t have much technical knowledge find such errors quite irritating and disturbing during normal working. How much disturbing it is when you have to leave all your working aside and find the solution of the problem.


Don’t worry!

Such things are part and parcel of the working. Remember that you are dealing with the machines. MacBook is also a Machine, sometimes the issue may come but there is always a solution to it.

I have also shared the video with you guys so that, you don’t need to worry at all. If you are not quite convenient with the video thing to follow my step by step guide and this will solve your issue.

Error code 36 basically defines the issue in the Mac. Error codes are given the number so that the error is easily checked and rectified. Like the scenario here indication mac error code 36. Which means an issue with copying the file.

When you get this error code 36. Simply open the terminal.

How to Solve Mac Error Code 36 using Terminal

Utilities > Terminal app

mac error code 36

The terminal is basically like the dos prompt in windows. In the terminal, you will see the hidden file, the terminal files that Mac OS X creates the doc.

What you have to do in the terminal.

In the terminal, you have to type dot_clean (provide space) folder path.

If, you don’t know the folder path, don’t worry at all.

You can simply drag the folder in the terminal and leave it ahead of the space. It will automatically type the path as shown in the pic below.

enter the path to solve error code 36

Just press enter and nothing will be seen to have happened. No problem, just close the terminal. Now try the copy operation again. This time you will go the process all the way through.

Bravo. You have done it.

If next time you see the issue of mac error code 36 what you have to do is, simply open the terminal and type in the dot_clean folder path. Provide the path and press enter. Your issue of error 36 is resolved permanently.



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