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Methods to Fix iPhone Not Charging Issues

Everyone buys iPhone with lots of joy and excitement because it is a very sophisticated and one of the finest phone on planet earth.

Am I right?

But how does it feel when the cellular device who you bought with great excitement start disturbing you? This really hurts when the iPhone shows charging issues because you have spent a huge amount in buying iPhone.

Don’t worry at all, it is also an electronic gadget, the fault can come at any point, due to any reason, but we are here to provide you with the solution.


If you are having issues with charring you iPhone. I have covered all the points in this article that will help you to solve the charging issue of your iPhone. NO matter either you are having iPhone X, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8.

Do you know that?

Apple has always been very smart in manufacturing its products. If you carefully compare Apple products to its competitors, you will find that Apple products are very smooth, eye-catching, attractive, sophisticated.

These attributes make people apple fans. Same is the case with the apple battery charging technique. As you put your phone to charging, the initial 80% charging is very quick and takes usually very less time. As the charging reaches 80% the phones become stable and you will find that your apple Lithium-ion battery gets slow in charging.

This is a smart charging move by Apple, the logic behind this Is that when the battery is exhausted you need to get it back to show optimum performance very quickly. And you must have noticed that when the battery cross 65%-70% mark in charging you feel cool. That now you can easily use your cell phone because such percentage Is also more than enough to restore your suspended activities.

Isn’t it? See we have told you.

So it is a tip from my side that if you can’t stay away from your phone for a long period of time. Charge your iPhone till 80% because Apple has set up it battery and charging mode in such a way that, it reaches 80% very fast and after that the charging becomes slow.

Let me also share with you the reason of slow charging after 80%.

The IOS usually bound charging above 80% when the safe threshold of the battery temperature is reached. This technique where on hand increase the battery life, while on the other hand lets you get out and about sooner.

Now let’s discuss the issues that you face with iPhone charging. The issues I am going to highlight are based on my research ON THE net, my personal experience and through messages I received from my people. I’ll address the most common issue faced by the people. That is;

iPhone plugged in but not charging

You don’t need to worry at all. Such kind of minor problems is common in every phone. We just need to solve the issue so that will give you the peace of mind and joy.

Before going further, let’s check out, what can be the possible reasons behind the issue.


Many times it happens that the issues that seem like giants to us are very minor and simple, you just need to pay a little bit attention in solving them.

There are possibilities that;

  • The charging pin may be damaged.
  • The power socket might be damaged.
  • As the iPhone battery is packed inside, you can’t pull it out to check, might be your battery is fully drained.
  • Phone temperatures have crossed the optimum level while charging due to high voltage fluctuations.
  • The charging cable might have an issue in it. (It might be old and not charging your phone properly)


I have provided step by step process, that will guide you to solve the problem.

What I would recommend.

Be patient and be very careful. Try each method one by one, very carefully. The will also help you to understand your phone more. In addition, you will also find the root cause of the problem that is disturbing you.

TIP: Remember, problems can occur at any time, it just depends upon the way, how you take it and solve it.

Change the Charging Cable

Use a new charging cable or borrow from a friend that charging cable that is working fine on other mobile phones.


You can check your charging cable by putting it to another iPhone and check either its charging that one or not.

Many users assume that there isn’t any hardware problem with their phone. Chances are your iPhone charger is not working properly. Therefore, you should try another iPhone charger in order to fix your problem.

Also, I would recommend you to check your cable by putting it to charging iPhone of your friend, fellow, family members. As all the charger of all the variants of iPhone and the charging cable is same. So it will be tested there.

Take a close look at both the ends of USB. Apple lightning cables are prone to fraying especially at the end that connects to your iPhone. If you see visible signs of wear, it might be time for a new cable.

There is also the possibility that your cable would be fine, but the issue would be with the charger so I would say to check your charger in the same way described above.

Don’t forget to check your iPhone port

Charging means flow of current from the wire to your cell phone. This requires neat and clean terminals. If your iPhone port would have dirt around it, or the input cable terminals would be dirty, there is also the possibility that your find might now get charged.

Another possible issue is that your iPhone port is damaged. Dirt or dust may get added to the port if working outside for a long time. Not to worry with this problem, you can clean it gently with tissue paper or linen cloth.

Remember: Never push it too hard, just do it gently with the soft and clean cloth.

Take a flashlight and look at the charging port in the bottom of your iPhone because dirt, dust, debris might be preventing the lightning cable from making a solid connection to your iPhone.

Restore your phone to DFU mode (Software Problem)

I would only recommend you this method if you like playing with your phone and you have experience of handling the issue.

DFU – basically is known as Device Firmware Update. It usually helps you to resolve your problem of iPhone not charging. DFU is used by devices to update to a new firmware version.

Given below Is the step by step guideline to solve the charging issue.

  • Plug your iPhone X or iPhone 8 into your Mac or PC.
  • Make sure iTunes is running.
  • Turn Off your iPhone X or iPhone 8 (if it isn’t already).
  • Press and hold down the On/Off button on the right side of your iPhone for 3 seconds.
  • Press and hold down the volume down button on the left side of your iPhone while still holding down the On/Off
  • Keep holding both buttons down for 10 seconds. (If you see the Apple logo, you’ve held them too long and will need to start again.)
  • Let go of the On/Off Button but keep holding the volume down button for about 5 seconds. (If you see the “Plug into iTunes” screen, then you’ve held it too long and will need to start again.)
  • If the screen stays black, that’s it! Your iPhone should now be in DFU mode

 Hard reset your iPhone

The 3rd method that I’ll share with you guys is the hard rest method.

If your phone is not charging due to software related issues, then trust me, this will work for you guys.

How to Hard Reset your iPhone

  1. Older Models like, iPhone 6S & 6S plus: Press and hold the Power Button and Home Button together until the apple logo appears.
  2. iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus: Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down Button together until the apple logo appears.
  3. iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone X: Quickly press and release the Volume up button. Quickly press and release the Volume down button. Press and hold the Power Button until the apple logo appears.

If Nothing Works – Apple Stores are there to assist you.

I have tried to provide you the solution that you can easily do by sitting at your home. Obviously, you are not the technical people or you don’t have tools available at your home so that you will open and solve the issues.

I have discussed with you all the possible solutions. But still, if the problem persists then, better to visit the people that have all the tools and expertise. If none of the above solutions works with your iPhone then you should visit your nearby Apple store for further help.

It is also possible that the issue in your phone would be of technical nature that required hardware replacement, or any such solution, that you can not try at home with your iPhone and you should not take it lightly, it may lead to a big problem.

If nothing works. Get it checked by the certified professional.

Concluding thoughts

I personally hope that you have liked the way I have tried to find the solution to our problem.

What I believe.

We can just try and we must have to try. It’s not that you will run to the apple store all the time while facing such minor issues. If you have iPhone you should have the little knowledge of fixing such small issues.

I fully hope that the above solutions might prove helpful in solving your issue of iPhone not charging.

You must have noticed that there are not many options to solve this error. If it is software related, you can easily fix by following the above methods.

But if your charging port is damaged, there’s nothing big that you can do. You should visit the support center to get your iPhone charging issue fixed.

Carefully follow the step by step process and I fully hope that you will be free from the trouble. I’ll be looking to read from you guys in the comment section either your issue got resolved.

Also, let me know in comments that either this article was helpful to you in any means. If your reply would be yes, I’ll be more then pleased that my efforts work for you.


Take good care of yourself and I’ll meet you in the next fix. If you have another issue with you iPhone feel free to share your problem, I’ll be more then happy to provide a solution to that.


Keep Smiling & Sharing 😊


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