Facebook Notifications Not Working On iPhone: How To Fix It

In this time Social Media has become  part and parcel for our routine life and as a major mean of communication between people , Facebook is one of the most famous type of social media  and sometime you are  not receiving your Facebook  notifications on your  iPhone  this can be so annoying thing for  the users . Our Today,s topic is about to fix “ Facebook Notifications Not Working On iPhone”  Each Facebook User wants to Getting notified about new  pictures of your friends, Daily Posts  or a live video by a celebrity, are the most important things  Users  like to be notified about  and when there is problem to get this notifications then it can be a source of irritation to the user, it should be solve .

We are here to solve your problem. Here we are giving solution to fix  Facebook Notifications Not Working On iPhone . We are giving more then one methods to you  so that if one method is not working then you can try another . If you are One of those who are not able to   receive  notifications from Facebook on your iPhone , Read thoroughly our article to fix this problem. Now we are starting our methods to fix Facebook Notifications Not Working On iPhone.

 How To Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Normally this Problem occur when you are going to change normal settings of your iPhone   Programes. On the other hand,  Here we will give  all  the popular solutions  and methodologies with respect to  How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working On  iPhone.  Now its time to start:

 Settings of Facebook Notification :

 Sometime  notification settings for Facebook are Unwantedly  mishandled  so that you cannot  receive the  notifications On your  iPhone . Then you don’t need to worry about that , You can reset these Notifications receiving again easily by reading these solutions.

  • Open your phone  Settings
  • Then Go to Navigationsand click  on these settings
  • Apps list open and then find Facebook in apps
  • Open Facebook
  • Clickon Allow Notifications and turn it on.
  • If Allow Notifications is already on then turn it off and again turn it on,. Select an alert option according to your choice .
  • In case when you want that when you receive any Notifications on Facebook then a Sound appears in your phone then you can set sound settings as per your choice.

It is also important to  opening Facebook on desktop Web Browser and going to Notification Settings and checking out the Mobile Option. You can see either its working or not.

  • Don’t Disturb Mode on iPhone

The other reason that you are not receive Facebook Notifications is  Do Not Disturb Mode is on on your Gadget, it can be a major reason regarding you are not getting  Facebook Notifications on all type of iPhone .

This mode can be easily Turn off by these simple steps:

  1. Open your device and go to the settings
  2. Open  Do Not Disturb mode
  3. If this mode is enabled or on then turn it off or make disabled it.
  • Updates Checking

Sometime you are not updating your device and apps in it this can be a major cause of your problem So to avoid this situation Update your device when updating is recommended.

Update the Facebook App in your device:

Surely sometime Not updating your Facebook  can cause  a number of issues, including Facebook  Notifications Not Working On iPhone. So you must check  that  your Facebook app is up to date with the current version in Your iPhone.

Follow these steps to make your app up to date:

  1. Click on the App Store
  2. When you go to the lower area, search and click on Updates
  3. If update for the Facebook is needed
  4. download the update and complete the update

Update your device’s iOS version

When you have checked that your facebook is up to date , you should also Check for iOS updates for your iPhone.  iPhones are famous  to have problems because of working with  a lower or previous  iOS version. Updating  or new latest version of iOS can solve many problems regarding functioning of your iPhone.

First you have to do this:

  • First step is to Open Settings of your phone
  • Tap General settings
  • In same time,click on Software Update
  • If a new updateis present, install it and run it.

Now Your phone is updated and it is now in condition  that this will solve your issue regarding Facebook Notifications not Working On iPhone.

 Resetting of Your iPhone:

When you reset all the settings of your gadget then it will lessen the issue    Facebook Messenger Not Getting  Notifications on iPhone.

  • Open phone Settings
  • Click on General settings
  • Click on Reset
  • Click to  Reset All Settings

All your settings will reset to default, including accessibility settings,  wallpapers, ringtones.  So if you are satisfied with resetting previous settings, go for this method. Your personal data will not be deleted.

 Force Restart

Force restarting your device can also help to solve the problem sometimes. Following methods are include in this:

  • Open phone Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • Find  Facebook app
  • Turn all notificationsoff for Facebook
  • To force restartyour iPhone X
  • press and release the Volume Up button
  • then press and release the volume down button
  • then pressand hold the power button until the Apple Logo appears.
  • To the latest version of iPhone 7/iPhone 7+, to force restart iPhone 7/iPhone 7+, press and hold the power and the volume down button until you see the Apple logo.
  • To force restart iPhone 6sand below along with all other Apple devices, press the Home button, and Power button till you see the Apple Logo.
  • Once your device is done restarting,again go to Settings, then notifications, find Facebook and turn all notifications on.

Now you are able to receive notifications from Facebook on your iPhone.

 Contact Facebook Customer Care

You can also try to  connect  the Facebook Customer Care team, they must give response to you. It may, after doing all, be a bug that the customer care team can solve your problem.

To do this find  Report a Problem section on Facebook  and you should tell your problem. Let the professionals will take care of it.

Give  your device details and also aboutall the operations you have done with your phone to solve the  problem.

You can also follow this link:


Final Words

Now we are sure that this article was much helpful to you ,Now you are able to fix problem “Facebook Notifications Not Working on iPhone “ .Hope this issue Now has been resolve .

That was all about our today’s topic. Hope this article was much informative to our readers . If you have any question regarding this article or any other problem regarding your Gadget , Feel free to ask from us, we will guide you completely to solve your problems. For more informative articles visit our website regularly.

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