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Our today’s topic is  Download Managers For Mac, Almost every Mac User is in search of Download Manager so it is not surprising that even Mac Users want the best Download Manager for Mac. So, if you are a Mac User looking for a Free, reliable, effective and smooth Download Manager, You don’t need to worry about more search because Here we have compiled a list of 10 Best Download Manager For Mac.

Basically, Download Managers are handy software which will use to manage and take care of everything you download from the internet. A good Download Manager will help you in a long way to improving the speed and quality of the downloads, as well as making Downloading files less of a hassle y to download and ease Download managers may be built into a browser or be a standalone application. Lets we start Our List of Download Managers and their relevant features:

10 Best Download Managers for Your Mac:

In this article, we have listed the top Download Managers that you can use on your Macbook. All of these are reliable and good downloaders. Now, your downloads will be as good as IDM. Let’s get started!

 1. Leech:

A hit in the download manager market, Leech is a 6$ lightweight Download Manager that is for people who want minimal and premium quality. Leech has a simple and interactive interface, it is not intruding at all when you browse your computer and gives you a whole load of options for downloading. You can sort your Downloads into subfolders, add extensions to Safari so that any Download will directly go to Leech, and so much more.

Definitely, worth the price, you should get Leech here.

2. Folx Free:

Folx (Free and the paid versions) is hands down one of the best Download Managers for Mac. It improves your Download Speed by splitting the Download into 20 threads when you’re on multiple connections. Folx lets you search and selectively download whatever you want. Using Folx, you can download directly from YouTube, control the speed, search for torrents (PRO), and schedule your downloads.

We highly recommend Folx for your Mac. Get it here.

3.  DownThemAll:

One of the best download manager extensions you can get, DownThemAll can significantly increase your top speeds, you can pause and resume downloads as per your wish, and downloading multiple files has never been easier than with DownThemAll.

It’s worth a try, and the only downside to it is that it is only available as a Firefox extension. If that is not a problem for you, can check out DownThemAll here

4. iGetter

iGetter is another feature-packed Mac Downloader that will take you at least a week to fully explore. No more broken downloads, if you have something downloading and you put your Mac to sleep, when you open it again the Download will resume. With accelerated downloadingiGetter divides your download into multiple parts so facilitate faster downloading.

Also, the free version has all the features, and you don’t need to buy the Pro version. Get your hands on iGetter.

5.Xtreme Download Manager:

Known for the staggering download speeds, if you want to increase your Download speeds to up to 500% (yes that’s correct), then Xtreme Download Manager is for you. It can save videos from pretty much all video websites, take care of broken downloads and even provides smooth and easy integration with any web browser.

This application might sound too good to be true, but it is. Even if a download has gone dead due to say, a connection problem, Xtreme Download Manager will be able to revive it for you. It supports multiple files downloading, checks files for viruses, and you can Schedule your downloads.

Also, you can read: KiK for Mac

6. Progressive Downloader:

Progressive Downloader for Mac is a favorite to a huge range of users. It has support for integration with all browsers. When downloading files, it will automatically search for the fastest server to enhance speed. You can also schedule your downloads as per wish. Progressive Downloader can control your resources with FTP/SFTP built-in browser. It can also choose from a whole library of file hosting services.

Get Progressive Downloader now.

7.Download Shuttle:

Download Shuttle is also a great Downloader for Macbook. It features automatic clipboard capture, and you can pause and resume your downloads whenever you want. Download Shuttle also provides fast downloads by splitting the download into segments. However, some users complain that this extension does not work in a lot of browsers, so check if it works for yours.

Download shuttle also supports password protected files. The extensions on this software make it worthy as one of the best Download Managers for Mac and that too for free. Get it here.

List of 10 Free Downloaders for Mac

Here’s a compiled list of all the above mentioned Top 10 Free Download Managers for Mac, each better than the other you can choose any one from these according to your needs:

  1. Leech
  2. iGetter
  3. Download Shuttle
  4. Folx Free
  5. DownThemAll
  6. Progressive Downloader
  7. Xtreme Download Manager
  8. Maxel
  9. Jdownloader
  10. Speed Downloader Lite

These are really the best download managers in the market for your Macbook or any other MacOS device. However, you can also take a look at these other download managers, and see if they suit your needs: Speed Download Lite, Maxel, Jdownloader, iNetGet. Now simply you can choose your Download Manager.

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Final words:

Hopefully, now you are able to choose best download manager for your Mac with topnotch specs and interface according to your download needs. If you have any queries regarding the Download Managers mentioned above, you can drop any question as a comment below and we will try to get back to you with a relevant answer. That’s all about our article, Hopefully, this article was much interesting to you.

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