Calendar Apps for iPhone in 2019 (10 Best Apps)

Calander Apps For iPhone In 2019  is our today’s topic.  We have listed 10 of the best Calendar applications for your iPhone in this article. Here we will discuss in detail their features and their reliability regarding your iPhone, and also if they fulfill your needs or not? We have categorized these applications as free and paid applications for users convenience.

List Of 10 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone:

Calendar Apps for the iPhone  are a basic necessity in today’s life. By the help of these apps we can manage our daily routine life necessities, from appointments and grocery lists to remembering birthdays too, and of course checking dates also. They fulfill the whole type of needs and manage all our tasks, and every calendar app competes with each other to provide the most convenient, easy to use app package with the most reliable features. Their main point to use on larger scales is their most convenient use. Therefore these applications are popular among the users. Calendar App on iPhone, if you want more features with these applications, you don’t need to more search regarding these apps as we have compiled right here the best Calendar Apps list for iPhone. We will discuss all the features of these apps one by one here. First, we have categorized them as Paid and free apps. First, we will discuss paid Calender apps: is a free calendar app for iPhone that is better with its paid plans. Known in the market for its ability to organize your data, events, etc. well, this app can do anything when it comes to being a calendar app, as the name suggests. You can easily manage your to-do lists, agendas and goals with You can also connect to your stock Calendar app to manage events. Color mapping helps you keep track of events as you use the aesthetic app. You get notifications for your agendas at the beginning of the day, you can attach location-based reminders, and add in travel time to any notification before any event.

In short, if you want to organize your day in the most efficient manner and want to keep track easily, this is the app for you. You can use the app for free or use a paid plan for a cheap $32.88/year with added features. You can visit the website to learn more about

  1. Fantastical 2:

Fantastical 2 is a fast and friendly calendar app, and probably one of the best ones out there for iPhone. Designed to boost productivity, Fantastical 2 has features such as time and geofence alerts for reminders, sending birthday wishes easily, snooze alerts with multiple options, and so much more. For aesthetic viewing, you can choose a light/dark theme and custom Font sizes for yourself.

DayTicker is another highlight of Fantastical 2. Managing your schedule has never been more efficient. You can conveniently view your upcoming schedule and swipe to see the past and future, all with a smooth UI. Along with this, Fantastical also boasts its natural language engine that lets you add events and reminders using natural language, and you can even dictate them.

Fantastical 2 has so many other features, including its extremely popular Calendar Extensions, and Apple Watch support that makes it one of the best Calendar Apps for iPhone.

Fantastical 2 comes at a price of $4.99 or Rs.400. Get it here.

  1. Time page by Moleskine:

Time page has been branded as one of the best-paid calendar apps right along with Fantastical 2 and others. If you are all about a beautifully designed look, Time page is for you. But Time page is much more than just a pretty face!

It has a minimalist design in which you decide the colors. You can scroll through it up and down to see your daily agendas that can be conveniently updated and changed, and you can easily access month view and app settings. You can opt for a daily briefing and alerts regarding Weather, using Time page.

Without the paid structure, the app only provides a basic calendar, which you get in stock software anyways. So if you want full features, you can have a trial period and then you will have to buy Time page. Our reviews? It’s worth the price of 1.99/month or 11.99/year.

Get Time page by Moleskin here.

4.Week Calendar

Week Calendar is another great Calendar app for iPhone. It does more than just show you a Week Calendar. You can get yearly, monthly and of course, daily agendas. It might not have the most aesthetic design, but it does have tons of features loaded into it, such as easily batch and editing events, searching through calendars, organizing recurring events such as birthdays and color coding them for easy access and organization.

Week Calendar comes at a price of $1.99 and you can get it here.


Do you have a huge family that you need to manage? Drop your kids to school, go for your son’s football match, remember to buy books for your high school friend, or maybe run family errands? Then Cozi is hands down the best calendar app you can get your hands on.

Cozi gives you one unique centralized calendar which you can give access to multiple users. Your family members can have access, or babysitters and such. Color mapping different users makes it easier to differentiate between members and which event is relevant for them.

Cozi, apart from a good aesthetic calendar, also has features like journals, to do lists, and even messaging services. It’s a whole family package! (pun intended)

You can get the Cozi Gold (paid version) which adds calendar search, multiple reminders, no advertisements (we all hate that) and features such as a birthday tracker. Cozi Gold is for $29.99, although we found the free version to be just as useful.

Get Cozi here.

 Free Calendar Apps for iPhone:


For a free calendar app, you can do so much with TimeTree that it is mind-boggling. If you are a person who has immense use for collaboration on a calendar, this is the app for you. It will help you design Calendars for yourself by asking the purpose for the Calendar (such as work, family, etc.) and design the Calendar suitably, which is an area where some Calendars fail.

With every option having a descriptor, sharing Calendars with your loved ones or fellow colleagues has never been easier. And better yet, you can still create multiple Calendars with the app and conveniently manage them.

Overall, TimeTree is one of the best free Calendar Apps that you can get your hands on.

Get  TimeTree Now!

2.Google Calendar

Google Calendar does not fail to amaze with a calendar so good and no price tag. An all-rounder, Google Calendar comes packed with the streamlined, aesthetic design of Google and features that bring the guns to the market, such as the creation of multiple calendars in one place with your Google Account, easy connectivity to other apps such as to do lists and whatnot.

With light color coding schemes, you can organize events easily, and show or hide calendars according to your will the most efficient event management. And it doesn’t stop here! You can invite other people to edit your Calendar so that you don’t need to share the details with the whole office. Your schedules well managed by this app, we would highly recommend a Calendar App for iPhone so good and absolutely free.

Get it here.

  1. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

If you are a businessman, who needs a Calendar app to have all your information at one place, easily manageable and for your use only, then you have hit Jackpot. Outlook does, however, let you share your calendars with others and manage permissions for the same, to make sure your Calendars are shared within appropriate boundaries.

Making appointments for yourself, linking with your email to directly share details to the Calendar are some of the best things Microsoft Outlook Calendar has to offer.

Get this free Calendar app for iPhone here.


Wave is a quality Calendar App that might not have a big name tag to it but does certainly have features. With a variety of view modes like hard and fast agenda, lists and overarching daily, this iPhone Calendar App is a beast.

With quick usage, you can get through making events and to-do lists in flash. Syncing your account with Google and Facebook is also supported by this app. You also get an invitation manager, support for Apple Watch, provision to add tags and attachments and so much more!

Make sure to try the Wave app here.

 5.My Study Life

If you can’t guess it from the title already, My Study Life is a unique calendar app curated for students and educators. Absolutely free of cost, this app helps to manage both a student’s and an educator’s busy and complex schedule. With considerations for semester durations and national holidays, the whole package makes managing a stressful life 10 times easier.

You can also use the WebApp, and sync your class timings and dates. You can put to do lists to keep up with your assignments and track progress on them. Not stopping at that, there are also options embedded in this app for exams.

In short, for a student or an educator, this is hands down the best Calendar App for iPhoneGet it for free here.

Now you Can Choose your Favorite iPhone Calendar App:

We have listed all available amazing Calendar Apps here. Now choose one of these apps that will prove best ever for your iPhone. The compiled list of these apps is:

  1. do
  2. Fantastical 2
  3. TimePage
  4. Cozi
  5. Week Calendar
  6. TimeTree
  7. Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  8. Wave
  9. Google Calendar
  10. My Study Life

Also, we are mentioning here other best ever  Calendar Apps for iPhone that you can check out instead of these: Vantage (free), BusyCal (paid), Accompany (free),  Sasuke 2 (free), Informant 5 (free).

Final Words:

Now we hope that after reading this informative article you can choose your favorite Calendar App for iPhone regarding their features and it will surely work efficiently for your iPhone.If you have any questions in your mind regarding the applications mentioned above, you can ask from us through your precious comments below and we will try to get back to you with a relevant answer and will surely satisfy you.

Thank you.



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