Best Ever Snipping Tools List  For Mac

Snipping tools are the simple and incredible tools for taking screenshots of your Mac’s screen. .Today’s topic is Snipping Tools For Mac. Taking screenshots of Mac is not a much easier task, but with the help of Snipping Tools, you can take screenshots while working on your Mac, easily from every part of the screen.

Here we are also giving some useful keys when you are working on your Mac. These keys will be helpful to you in taking screenshots of your Mac. These are:

  • For taking the screenshot of a complete screen of your Mac key is: Command + Shift 3
  • If you want to drag crosshair on your screen the key Command + Shift 4 will help you in taking the screenshot in a box form.
  • Key Command + Shift 4 + Space will help you to take the screenshot of a specific window you want.
  • If you want to take screenshots copies into the clipboard the helpful key is Command + Shift 3 + Control.

Best  Snipping Tools  for Mac:

Although there is no specific and particular Snipping tool for Mac, However here we will discuss an example like Grab is just like Snipping Tool for Windows, Mac OS X presents users with its own Screenshot Utility. It is the best Snipping tool for Mac

Because Along with Grab, there are tons of other Third-Party Snipping Tools, each better for your Mac, available here that you can use to make the best out of Screenshots of your Mac whenever you want to take.

 Best Snipping Tools Comprehensive list for Mac:

Here we are giving you the list of the best and extremely useful Snipping Tools for Mac.

  1. Monosnap

Monosnap is one from our list of best Snipping Tools for Mac. It is the best tool for taking a screenshot of the selected window as well as  Part of the Screen and Full-Screen capture modes, it also has annotation tools for your screen once you capture your screen.

You can choose the format for the image file, and also send the capture to another application where it can be used, like Adobe Photoshop it will send your shot to other application.

Along with free cloud storage, there is also functionality for you to Capture a Video, and use the Front Facing camera of your Mac with the Screen Video in the Monosnap app. You can also get the Pro Version with added features. Now you can check this tool from your app store.

  1. CloudApp

CloudApp is a Mac Snipping Tool and it can also capture images, video, webcam, and GIFs and claims to do it up to 300% faster than other tools. CloudApp is faster to access as it comes on the toolbar as soon as you download so that ultimately you save as much as a minute and a half on Screenshots. Annotations can be added to the capture. You can upload large files of various types, share your video’s link and apply for optional password protection with the help of CloudApp  Sneeping tool.

Another thing that stands out in this app is the fact that in the collection of images, you can find the relevant image in an organized manner by searching using text, objects or attributes, for example,  you remember being prominent in the image you can do also with the help of this tool.


Grab is the official Screenshot Utility application you have in Mac-OS 10.14 and greater versions. It supports various screen captures modes, like capturing whole windowwhole screen, a marquee selection, and timed screen.  Grab comes with the mac-OS itself, and is extremely user-friendly.

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Grab to take screenshots even quickly and easily. Find it in the utility folder in Applications to take this tool.


  1. Lightshot

Lightshot  is not as fancy as some of the previously mentioned screenshot applications, and might not have some features, but it is definitely very usefulconvenient and worthy of being a Snipping Tool alternative for your Mac. As it provides many fundamental functions.

It is fast, you can annotate very easily, and basic customization is available for your Captures. The Screen Editor, with the help of which you can capture your screen easily. In short, LightShot does justice to its name: light application, quick and extremely user-friendly.

If you are comfortable with an easy basic software dedicated to capturing Screenshots, get LightShot from your App store.


You want the best range of spinning tool normally would for a Screenshot applicationSnapNDrag is very useful for you. It costs 10$ for the full version, with added costs for extra features.

However, if you do buy it once, you will get incredible features like its convenient Library, which is where your Screenshots would go. You can share the Capture to  Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc., annotate your screenshot, have multiple output formats (PNG, JPEG or TFF). The Pro version comes with features like keyboard shortcuts, batch rename, Border and Scaling option and more other.

The highlight of the app lies in it is that it is very easy to use, ever since Snap N Drag had started it out as a small application. Try your hands on the free version, and if you are willing, spend on the Pro version. You can get it from the app store.

  1. Snagit

Snagit is a powerful Screen Grabber that supports mostly all features previously mentioned, including sophisticated Image editing and Screen Recording. It is the most powerful software in this list.

One of the highlights of this software is its aesthetic interface which is important to a lot of users. The software is used by BusinessmenContent Creators, etc. Using it is convenient to maximize your reach, for whatever purpose you capture your screen. It encompasses more annotation and other features than you can imagine, allowing to customize pretty much anything you want.

For Users that are interested in the full range of features, you have to pay the amount of 50$, but for the most powerful equivalent of Snipping Tool for Mac, the price is in a bearable range as compared to its functioning.

  1. Snapz Pro X

Arguably one of the oldest Screenshot applications to be used on Mac platforms, Snapz Pro X has been used by old as well as new Mac users. It is extremely powerful, and creating capture videos is especially convenient in this application, hence it is used extensively to create content that requires screen captures such as tutorials and many more others.

The Screenshot you take can be editedannotated with a wide range of powerful customization. This piece of sophisticated software, however, does come at a whopping sophisticated price of 69$ only.

If you have been using previous versions of this application and feel comfortable with it, it might be for you. You can download it from App store on your Mac

 8. Jing

Jing is another useful Snipping software for your Mac. It can be described as slightly a less powerful Snagit, but features like Historyinstant saving to video, and being discreet make it a decent piece of software from Techsmith to get for your Mac. You can also share your capture once you take the Screenshot on the Jing app.

Note though, it is prone to crashes and is considered weak when it comes to resizing your captured images. You can still try it out to see if it suits you here:

  1. Skitch

Annotation features. Anyone familiar with the software will let you know annotation as its selling point. Creating annotations on your captured image is extremely smooth, and Skitch has a very decent screen capturing interface otherwise.

Some users go as far as to use it just for the Annotation features. If you are a user or content creator for whom annotation is extremely important, definitely go for this:

  1. Jshot

Jshot is a pretty basic screen grabber software but has decent use. It takes screenshots faster and processes it faster than a lot of its other competitors. It has annotation features, with functionality to share your Capture very easily.

However, it doesn’t support custom shapes and images. Also, the Mac version of this software lacks some features, so it can normally much satisfy your basic needs-just don’t expect anything too fancy from this software.

 Steps to use Snipping Tools For Your Mac:

  1. First, open the specific tool you want to use for taking screenshots.
  2. Select the area of Capture (Whole Screen, Window, Rectangular, Free Form )
  3. You can also select the area of the screen to be captured using the crosshair.
  4. Click on Capture.
  5. Annotate your image or edit it with the tools present in your Snipping Tool equivalent.
  6. Save your image with the desired Format in your files.

Now  You have successfully taken a screenshot with your Macbook snipping Tool. Now you can use it according to your choice.

Final Words:

We hope that this article was much informative and interesting for our viewers. After reading this article you are now able to use any Snipping tools as per your choice and needs. These Snipping Tools For Your Mac are the best source for you to take screenshots on your Mac of your choice.

For further guideline and questions, you can ask questions freely. We will try our best to satisfy our viewers with the appropriate answers. That’s all was about Today’s topic For further more interesting and helpful articles visit our site.

Thank You


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