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Hi Everyone and Welcome to themacsmack- ultimate mac/ios solutions provider. I aim to Provide you the solutions of the issues you face while using your favorite brand Apple and its products. You are searching for the best alternatives of Cydia so that you will have access to the vide of the scintillating apps available outside the world of {*i-store*}.

So, come let’s find out what I have for you Today,

If you are crazy about IOS apps then you must have to read this article, because after reading this I am fully sure that you will feel yourself expert of apps installation outside free from the jail of I-Store. You must be thinking that you already know this, then what’s new that I am going to tell you.

What first came to your mind you read my line?

 Cydia – if I am not wrong?

What If I please you more then that? The choices are endless, it is just that how you search the things and the choice can be way better then what you think is the best.

So, isn’t it better if you share with you 5 alternatives of Cydia?

I fully understand that you are not going to believe this, or the first thing that will strike your mind will that Cydia is the best, but believe me or not, it is our state of mind that doesn’t let us explore the choices that are available.

I would strongly suggest you people to kindly have a look at the choices/ alternative of Cydia that I am going to share with you people. If you like, use them, if you don’t like don’t worry, you have deleted option always available with you.

What basically not let you shift to the alternatives is that it is the psyche of the human that we don’t like changes in our lives. The basic reason is that Cydia is the most recognized and trusted platform that is now familiar to each and every single user of iPhone.

It has developed its place in the minds of the people but,

That doesn’t mean that nothing can’t be better than Cydia – Right? Hope you agree to me at this point. Gaming freaks and many crazy iPhone lover and adventure loving people just jailbreak their iPhone/iPad.

They just step into the vast and dynamic arena of Cydia free from the imprisonment of i-store. But let’s try to find out some other and find that how they work for you.

Though the popularity of Cydia can’t be challenged today I am here to discuss with you about the Top 10 best Alternatives of Cydia. I fully hope that you would be totally excited.

Are you?

Shall we start then???

Best Alternatives of Cydia

Lets 1st check out which  Cydia Alternatives have forced us to write this articles. So let’s check them. These are

1.    Emus4u

2.    Zestia

3.    Tweakbox

4.    Mojo Installer

5.    Inocydia


Let us check out the details of this one by one. U might find this interesting.

1.  Emus4u

This 1st alternative for Cydia that I am going to discuss with you is Emus4u. Have you heard the name before?

Like Cydia, it is also compulsory for you that your device should have to be the jailbreak. The one thing that I liked about Emus4u is that is available for all IOS devices and the performance is brilliant.

I would say that you must give it a try before saying that you are good with Cydia. I know that you are not expert of the business but for those who don’t know the steps let me add in this article so that they can easily install it on their IOS device.

1st Step: Open the Safari browser ( You need to make sure that your device is connected to WiFi or Cellular Data).

2nd Step: On the address bar, search emus4u or type into the URL then tap Go.

3rd Step: After the web page has loaded up completely, click on install onto your device.

4th Step: It will ask you to click allow “this website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?” tap allow then click on install.

5th Step: Put your passcode if it is required.

6th Step: Tap on install.

7th Step: Again click on install.

8th Step: Finally click Done.

9th Step: Go to your Home screen, you can see Emus4u icon. Tap on it to open.

10th Step: Click on Apps.

Step 11: Now you install all your favorite movie apps and enjoy the downloads.


Zestia is one of the very first alternatives to Cydia. It is very easy to download and install and there is a very low chance of having any trouble with it. It was earlier known as X-Cydia and does not work as a full jailbreak. To install Zestia follow the steps given below.

Steps to download Zestia.

1: Open Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone.

2: Now in the address bar type the URL-

3: You will notice an “Install” option at the center of the page.

4: Now click on the “Install Zestia” option in blue color.

5: Now again click on the Install option displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

6: The installation process will begin. Now if you are a new Zestia user the follow the given route to rust the profile.

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management

7: Now at the center of the page, you will have to trust the profile.

8: Locate the Zestia app on the home screen and click to open it.

9: Zestia is ready to be used. You can check the available downloads by clicking on the cloud icon present at the end of the time.

3.  Tweakbox

Tweakbox becomes a kind of community with loyal and trustworthy members who want to download apps without jailbreak their device. It is an excellent looking app with the simple design allowing its users fast download of apps and enjoy one top Cydia Alternatives. To download and install Tweakbox follow steps below.

Steps to download-

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and enter the given URL.

Step 2: Click on the option “Get the app, ” and the downloading process of TweakBox will start.

Step 3: Then complete the “Trust” the profile action by following the given route.

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management

Step 4: Click on the Trust option after clicking on TweakBox.

Step 5: Your Home screen will have the TweakBox app icon.

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4.  Mojo Installer 

Mojo Installer is also a very well known and one out of 5 Best Cydia Alternatives. A good thing about Mojo is that it allows you to have all these apps without jailbreak your ios system. Isn’t it great? After having this you may be said that it’s not on its full potential but developers are working on that point. So you can use it without having any problem. Let’s move down to know the steps to install it.

Step 1-  First of all to download Mojo installer you need to open safari browser. In URL box type .

Step 2– Now you need to click on the button which says (Install directly from your iDevice).

3rd Step- Tap on the button which says {build a custom profile}, option.

Step 4- After those three steps, you will be prompted to the sub menu of profiles automatically. Click on the install option the needed times. it may ask you for the passcode for further process.

Step 5- After you redirected to the website click on install mojo. Just after doing this you will again redirect to your device where you can see an option that your Mojo Installation is ready.

Step 6– We are close to complete this from now. You just need to click on Install so as to approve the installation of the second profile. Enter your passcode if they asked for it. Follow the instruction to complete the installation process and soon you will be redirected back to the site.

Step- 7 – In this step you just need to close the browser and return to home screen. Your Mojo is ready to use.

5. Inocydia

This is also not a new word for jail breakers. Inocydia is also nice and easy way to use all the blocked apps out there. The best part of this that it doesn’t even matter which ios version you are using from 7 to 10. Inocydia allows you to download even the cracked apps to your device. We can say that Inocydia is best alternative in top Cydia Alternatives because it provides some features of Cydia also.

Steps to download Cydia.

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and enter in the URL box.

2nd Step: Click on the Install option as the page gets loaded.

Step 3: You will be able to experience the same interface as that of Cydia along with similar but more advanced motifs, emulators, and tweaks.

Best Alternatives of Cydia


5 More Cydia Alternatives for iOS

The above shared are the best alternatives to Cydia for iOS. You can start using any of those.

Here’s the final list once again with some more alternates;

  1. MojoInstaller
  2. no Cydia
  3. Zestia
  4. TweakBox
  5. Emus4u
  6. App 704
  7. Hydia
  8. Cyder
  9. Samus
  10. AppRecs


Hope you would have liked our article. If you are not clear about anything, just mention in the comment section and I’ll try to solve your issues. Don’t worry at all, everything problem has a solution and I am here to provide you that.

Have a great day.

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