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2019 Methods on How to Change Apple ID Email

Have you Made Apple Email  ID and now you have forgotten your ID password? You must now search for possible ways to change the existing Email  ID with a new one by applying any easiest method. You don’t need to worry about that anymore because now you are at the right place,  You must read this article because we have compiled a list of most convenient methods regarding  How to Change Apple ID Email on your iPhone, MacBook or iPad. In this article, we will give you all possible solution to recover your ID. Normally it will be the simplest step we can do within seconds. But, before doing anything to  Open and login Apple ID, you only have to read this article from the start to learn how you can recover your ID if you have forgotten your Password. There are lots of things we need to learn and keep in mind while working over the instructions given in this article.  Lets we  begin with the most important part First we need to learn about the main steps :

 Necessary things you have to keep in mind before starting password recovery:

  • Whenever you made Apple ID then you must keep it in your mind. The password of the new ID must be known so that to get in touch with the notifications during the changing process. So that you would remain to keep in touch with your id.
  • You must log out the device from every possible connection made with the old Apple ID email. It will help you to place new connections with a short period of time and without getting stuck with any other problem.
  • Your Apple ID email must be the same as your email ID but its password may be different because Apple login ID is totally different from your email login details. It only shares the username of your email.
  • Whenever you create a new ID, Apple also creates an email ID. This ID can be linked to your Apple ID and cannot be linked with any other Apple ID in the future, and you can easily log in your ID.

Possible problems while you are going to login Apple Email ID :

Before going to recover ID first we have to learn about the problems associated with login your account. We found most of the users reported that they face problem while trying to change Apple ID email. Thus we are going to discuss the solutions for fixing the given problems. Here we will discuss all these solutions one by one:

  • First of all, Try to change your current Apple ID to a new email ID.
  • Then try to create a new Apple ID with the email which is already linked with other Apple ID.
  • Thirdly You have an Apple ID email but you do not remember the password.

These problems can be solved by the most convenient methodologies:

Steps to change Current Apple ID email to a new email ID:

If you want to change your existing email address linked with your Apple ID and you know your current Apple ID and password. Simply you can follow these steps:

 1: Go to the Apple from a web browser on your device.

 2: Enter your Apple ID and Password.

 3: Tap the arrow(enter button) given at the bottom to log in.

 4: Verify your account by answering a security question or by entering the verification code sent to the registered email address.

 5: At the Account section, click on the Edit button.

 6: Click on Change email address option to proceed further.

 7: Enter the new email address and tap the Continue button. The verification code will be sent to the new email address.

 8: Open your new email Address and tap on the verify email link. Enter the code sent to the email address and then click on the verify button.

 9: Click on Done when finished all the steps. These will help you to fix your problem.

Steps to change Apple ID email when your email address is already being used with other Apple ID:

This is the second problem happened when you see the error that the email address you are trying to change to us already being used. Thereby, another Apple ID is already attached to the account you want to use. Thus follow these steps to get rid of this problem.

 1: You need to find out the password of the Apple ID associated with the email address you want to change to. Go to the

 2: Enter the email address you want to switch to your active Apple ID. Enter the captcha and then tap on Continue button.

 3: Select I need to reset my Password option and then click continue.

4: Select Get an email and tap on Continue.

 5: Open the corresponding email and click on the Reset now link.

 6: Enter the new password and re-enter it. Tap on Reset Password.

 7: Now you know the password of the inactive Apple ID. Thus change the email associated with the inactive Apple ID to throw away email address as discussed above.

 8: The email ID you want to use for active Apple ID is freed up. Follow the steps to change the Apple ID email to the new email address. This time when you enter the new email address, it will accept it without showing any error.

Steps to change Apple ID email if you forget the password of your email Account

Here we will discuss a lot of ways to change the password of different domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You have to navigate to the website first and then go to the login page. Enter your email ID and hit enter to continue.

Tap on the forget password? button and then follow the various prompts.

Try to complete various security procedures to reach the password change window. Thus once you answered all the questions, you will be directed to the page asking for entering a new password.

Type the new password and re-enter in the next blank asking for re-entering the new password. Click on the continue button to reset the password. Now follow the steps given under how to change current Apple ID email to a new email address. These solutions will surely help you to recover your Apple ID Email.


Hope now you are able to Replace your Existing  Apple ID Email with a new one Whenever you forget your Password. This article hopefully remained much helpful for you to fix your problem. If you have any further query in your mind regarding this article feel free to ask from us. Visit our website to get more interesting articles like this.

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