iTunes Backup Password: How to Recover and Change it?

The security of Apple products is one thing which makes people want to buy them readily. Also, when it comes to software like iTunes, the security features like iTunes Backup Password are praiseworthy. If you already know about this and are here for finding out about iTunes backup password recovery then we are going to cover that as well.

In this article, you will get to know about what iTunes backup password features, what to do when iTunes backup password is incorrect, and a lot of other things. First, let us introduce you to this feature and what it can do for you.

What is iTunes Backup Password?

iTunes uses a system of security by using an encryption password which protects your data. The feature is introduced in these apps for the sole purpose of protecting your data from being stolen. Do you know how to fix iPad is disable restore via iTunesYou can also backup your data in iCloud via iTunes and when you need the access, the backup password is a very useful thing.

iTunes Backup Password - Easy Fix

When you are done encrypting your data in iTunes, you will need to put a backup password on it to secure. This is why this feature is very helpful when you need to decrypt the data. First, let us discuss how you put an encryption password on your iTunes account.

The methods of deactivating, changing, and recovering this iTunes Backup Password are also coming up in this guide.

The easiest method to put iTunes Backup Password to encrypt the iTunes Data

The purpose of doing this has already been explained. It is time that we take you through a step-by-step guide to enable the password for your iTunes backup to keep your data safe. Here are some major steps to do that:

itunes backup password

  • Download and install iTunes on Mac or Windows PC
  • Connect your iPhone device to the iTunes with a connector
  • Now find your device in the iTunes and click on ’Summary’
  • You will find this option in the ‘Backup’ section
  • Also, you will need to click the ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’ section
  • You will then be asked to enter the password
  • On entering and reentering the password, it will be done

To disable the iTunes Backup Password, you will need to follow the same steps. However, this time, uncheck the Encrypt iPhone Backup and this will be done. To disable, you will need to enter the password once again. Now, what’s remaining is when you need to change or recover this backup password. For that, we have got two 100% working methods for you.

Two 100% Working Methods to Change and Recover iTunes Backup Password

Instead of going for the most complex methods, why not try all the passwords you usually keep? You will be going for password recovery if you have forgotten. Try using methods which you usually use on your social media accounts, mobiles, and computers. We all have a password we trust the most so try that is yours.

Also, here are some hints about passwords which you might use on the following platforms:

  • The passwords for your social media and email account
  • The password that you use on your mobile or computer
  • The password you have against your Apple or iCloud Id
  • Your birthday, children’s or parent’s name, etc.
  • Most people keep the name of their girlfriend or wife as their password

When none of these methods work for you, it is time that you get the Password recovery tool and recover your password with ease. The following guide will teach you what to do.

iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool

iTunes Backup Recovery is a heavenly tool which is very helpful when you forget the pass of your iTunes backup. So when your iTunes password is incorrect, here is a tool which can help you in recovering it. The tool we are bringing is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

So whatever system you are on, you can use iSeePassword Recovery Tool to recover your iTunes Backup Pass. You can also recover some other passwords of the platforms which are compatible.

You can download this iTunes Backup Pass recovery tool for free. Even the installation of the tool is quite easy on both platforms. Now to recover the password, follow the steps provided ahead.

Importing the iPhone/iPad Data

To recover your password, you must import the data into the tool.

  • Open the password recovery tool and make sure that your device is connected
  • The connected device will be shown so select and import into the tool
  • Choose from Smart, Dictionary, Brute-Force, and Mask attack modes

Running the iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool

  • After selecting the attack mode, select whether to use GPU or CPU for it
  • Now start the process by clicking the run command
  • It will some time depending on your CPU or GPU’s speed
  • Once the password is recovered, copy it to the iTunes and restore.

restore your backup


So this is simply how you disable, enable, change, and recover the Password. Since we covered everything here, we hope you will be quite satisfied by this. Keep visiting our website for more interesting content about Mac and other Apple devices.

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