iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi – [Working Methods]

When your iPhone is not connecting to WiFi, that you lose the whole point of having a smartphone. We use smartphones to stay connected to the internet for our business contacts, work needs, and information which is coming from different sources. Also, you can run out of cellular data at any time and that is why the WiFi connection needs to keep working. However, if you are facing this problem of iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi or data, we are going to help you with that.

In this article, we are coming with the top working solutions which you can use to fix the iPhone not connecting to WiFi network problem. The problem could either be with your Wi-Fi source or your phone’s wireless receive adapter. It could also lie within the software so we will make sure that you check and troubleshoot all of these.

iPhone not connecting to wifi

The Top Solution #1 is to Restart the Router 

Reset you wifi router to fix iphone not connecting to wifi

Instead of trying any complex solution or suspecting your phone’s system, you should try restarting your wireless router. There are times when some bug causes the interruption in the connection and it can easily be fixed by a simple restart. You can restart your Wi-Fi router by logging into its router settings or simply by pressing the restart button on the device if the manufacturer has provided one.

The Top Solution #2 is to Restart your iPhone 

When other devices are connecting to the Wi-Fi network but not your iPhone, you should try restarting your phone. Yes, there could be some minor network issue forming this network barrier and it can be fixed if you simply restart your iPhone. To restart your phone, do the following things:

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  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds
  • Now use the slider to turn it off
  • Now, again press and hold the power button
  • Hold it until the Apple logo appears
  • Done!

We have also shared a detailed guide for you regarding How to Reset your iPhone.

The Top Solution #3 is to forget the network to fix iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi with Correct Password

Your phone wouldn’t connect to the wireless network if the password for the network has been changed. This happens without people knowing it which bothers them a lot. To rectify the situation, you will need to forget the already existing Wi-Fi network and reconnect with the correct password. The following are the steps for doing that:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone and then the ‘Wi-Fi’ section
  • Go to the ‘connected’ network and tap it to open its options
  • Now tap the ‘forget’ option and the old password will be removed
  • Now tap this unconnected network once again and enter the password
  • You can now connect to this network again and use the internet

The Top Solution #4 is to update to the latest iOS to fix iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Properly

When the operating system of your iPhone is outdated, it can cause several problems including the wireless connection issue. In the case of iPhone 6, it doesn’t find the wireless network at all so doing an operating system update becomes very important. For doing an iOS update, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  • GO to the ‘Settings’ of your phone and then the ‘General’ settings
  • In the general settings section, enter the software update section
  • If you are connected to a cellular network and updates are available, it’ll show
  • Now do the update and once it is done, your Wi-Fi should start working again.

The Top Solution #5 is to Reset the network configuration after update

So if your iPhone is still not connecting to the Wi-Fi after doing the update, it is time to reset the network configuration and use a new one. Using this fix you can get rid of various network problem which occurs in the iPhones. To reset your network configuration, you will need to follow the steps provided ahead:

  • Again, go to the ‘General’ settings of your iPhone and then ‘Reset’ section
  • Now, find the option saying ‘reset network settings’ and tap it
  • Confirm the operation and this will reset the network configuration

You can now go to the Wi-Fi section again and check if it has started working again.


So these were 5 Top Solutions to fix iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi. The errors like these usually occur in the older iPhones and if you are one of these users, do let us know which one of these sections worked for you. Your feedback will help our other users who are facing the same issue on their iPhone.

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