iPhone Keeps Restarting – We have fixed by 4 Methods

If your iPhone keeps restarting and you don’t know how to fix, this could be annoying. There are many reasons due to which this problem keeps troubling the users. This iPhone restarting loop, however, does have many solutions. It happens on most of the iPhone models including iPhone 6, 7, 8, and iPhone X.

To fix any iPhone problem, it is important that we search for the actual reason of why it is happening. We also gave it our best to learn about the iPhone keeps restarting Apple logo problem. Finally, we have some solutions which you can try and fix the problem.

Easy Fix iPhone Keeps on restarting

How and why ‘iPhone restarting itself’ error occurs?

This iPhone restarting could occur after water contact or your iPhone might keep restarting when charging. We searched a lot about it and finally found the following reasons for the problem to occur:

So either a malware has attacked your iPhone which is causing it to restart or it could be bugs who aren’t letting your iOS to operate properly. Regardless of what the reasons are, you can now fix the problem using the following guide. If you have not read our guide about Activate iPhone, must-read. This will be very helpful.  

Step-by-Step Guide & Methods to fix iPhone Restarting Issue.

As per our guide, you can do five different things to get rid of the iPhone restarting again and again issue. Here they are:

Method #1: Fix ‘iPhone Restarting Issue’ by Updating the iOS

Either your phone’s iOS is outdated or the last update you did wasn’t done properly. It doesn’t matter which of these two things is true if this problem iPhone restarting happened after the update, it is time that you do it again. Follow the steps coming ahead and fix the problem by updating the iOS:

  • In your iPhone’s settings, open the ‘General’ settings option
  • In the general section, you will find the ‘Software Update
  • Here, search if new updates are available & download them
  • After the update has download, tap ‘Install Now
  • Restart the device after the update and complete the process

Method #2: Fix ‘iPhone Keeps Restarting’ by Resetting All Settings

If you don’t know what caused this issue in the first place, there is a good chance that you can fix the issue simply resetting all settings of your iPhone. This is a pretty easy thing to do, however, make sure that you have made the backup of important files on your iPhone. Here is how you reset all settings of an iPhone:

  • Again, open Settings on your iPhone and then the General section
  • In these general settings, open the Reset tab
  • Now, find Reset All Settings option and tap it to reset
  • Your iPhone’s all settings will be reset and the phone will restart
  • Resetting all settings will reset the faulty settings as well and your iPhone will not keep restarting.

Reset and Erase All Data

Method #3: Fix iPhone Restarting Issue by Force Restarting the iPhone

For people who started facing restarting iPhone during restore, it is very easy for them to fix the problem. Yes, you can simply solve the issue by force restarting your device for once. We have covered the method as a solution for many iPhone problems including this one. The following steps are how you force restart your iPhone to fix different problems:

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  • Press and hold the Power + Home button in iPhone 6 and older devices.
  • For iPhone 7 and newer devices, press and hold Power + Volume Up buttons
  • Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears and your phone restarts

Method #4: Fix iPhone Restarting by Changing the Battery


There are a lot of people who face the iPhone keeps on restarting after battery replacement. Well, this is a hardware issue and it will only happen if the battery you installed is a fault. However, the solution in this situation is quite obvious that you will need to replace the battery to fix this issue.

Besides the battery issue, there could be other hardware issues such as the problem with your iPhone’s charger or a faulty AC could cause this as well. Your iPhone might keep restarting when it heats up.

Method #5: Fix iPhone Restart Issue by Recovering the Backup

A lot of users could face issues like this after doing various updates. When such a thing happens, you can fix the issue by recovery the old backup of your iPhone. However, it is only going to work for those who keep backing up their most recent data on the iCloud. So if your iPhone issue of the restart after doing updates, recover the backup and restore. This will definitely fix the issue if it happened after an update.



So these were five working methods to fix iPhone restarts itself. We are hopeful that this guide would help you resolve the issue and if it does, let us know in the comments to help other users facing the same issue. Keep visiting our website for more!

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