iPhone Touchscreen Not Working – Ultimate Fix

Hey Guys! This is your very own Steve Sadiq and today I am going to give you a fix on iPhone touchscreen not working. Whether it is an iPhone or Android, your smartphone could present troublesome errors at any time. The situation might be frustrating but if you keep calm, there are several solutions available to fix iPhone Touchscreen not working. After extensive research work, I have come up with the 5 Best Solutions to Fix iPhone Touchscreen not working properly

This is going to be a complete guide so make sure that you read it thoroughly and you will find all the answers to your questions related to this problem.

What is the first aid for iPhone Touchscreen Not Working sometimes?

Before you move on to try any of the complex things, there are some useful tips you can try, especially when your iPhone touchscreen is not working after replacement. Some of those tips are mentioned below:

iPhone touchscreen not working properly - A solution by TheMacSmack

  • Make sure that you are using the original iPhone charger for charging the phone
  • Also, make sure that your hands are clean and they aren’t causing the screen to not respond
  • Take a soft nylon cloth and clean the screen with it for added safety
  • Take off the screen cover or protectors if you have it applied

Once you have taken care of these things, move ahead and try the following solutions to fix iPhone touchscreen not working after drop.

Method #1: Fix iPhone Touchscreen not working by a simple restart

Reset iPhone to solve the issue of touchscreen not working

Well, at times, your iPhone’s touchscreen might not be working just because it has been stuck by a minor bug or error. All of us know more than enough about how to restart the phone so there is no need for repeating the steps. Simple, press and hold the power button and then slide to power off the phone. Once it is off, do the same except sliding to turn it on.

Method #2: Diagnosing the Third-Party Apps to fix iPhone Touchscreen Not Working

Apple users can make the mistake of using some certain third-party apps. These apps can be buggy sometimes and they might cause your iPhone touchscreen or complete phone to stop working. To troubleshoot these apps and check them for errors, diagnose them in the safe mode. For that follow the steps given below:

Diagnose 3rd party apps to fix iphone touchscreen issue

  • Enter the ‘safe mode’ by pressing power and home button and wait for the black screen
  • You will now have to release the home button and press and hold the up volume button
  • A trampoline icon will appear and start loading until the Apple logo appears
  • If the touchscreen is working fine in the safe mode, it is time to get rid of the third-party apps

Method #3: An iOS downgrade might help to fix iPhone Touchscreen not working

iOS downgrade to fix iPhone touch screen issue

People with old iPhones upgrade the iOS to its newer version. They do that without knowing the fact that many new iOS versions aren’t compatible with the old hardware. This is a classic example of iPhone touchscreen not working after the update. While that might be the case, simply download the old version of iOS and switch back to it.

Method #4: Customize the 3D Touch settings to fix iPhone Touchscreen Problem

The latest iPhones feature the 3D touch feature whose settings can really problematic. At times, the wrong 3D touchscreen might cause your screen to stop working. To do the proper settings for 3D touch on your iPhone, you will need to follow the following guide:

Customize 3D touch settings

  • Open the ‘3D Touch Settings’ which can be found in the ‘Accessibility’ section
  • In the 3D touch settings, switch its levels between light, medium, and firm
  • If switching between these settings doesn’t work, turn it off
  • If the problem is due to the 3D Touch, turning it off will make it work

Method #5: Reset your iPhone to fix iPhone Touchscreen Issue

If none of the above methods work and you are failing to detect the problem, reset your phone to the factory settings. By doing this, an error which is causing this issue will be gone. However, you will first need to back up your data for which you will need iTunes on your Windows or Mac desktop.

Reset and Erase All Data

Once you have made a backup of your iPhone data, follow the steps provided below to reset your phone and fix the touchscreen not working problem:

  • Open the ‘General’ section in the settings of iPhone
  • Now, enter the ‘reset’ section under this tab
  • Find the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option

By doing this, you will be erasing everything from your phone so make sure that you have a backup for it. Your iPhone will not restart several times and restore to default. Hopefully, this will eventually solve the problem.


So these were 5 Best Solutions to fix iPhone Touchscreen Not Working in 2019. Depending on what was causing the issue in your iPhone, different methods from these will work for different users. Once you are done fixing it, let us know in the comments section about the error and the method which fixed the issue for you. This will help other readers on this site who are looking forward to fixing this same issue.

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