Latest GB WhatsApp APK Download for Android/iOS [Anti Ban]

WhatsApp is great for sure and we love it but it isn’t perfect. Being lifelong users of this instant-messaging app, there are many features that we need but aren’t delivered. This pushed the developers to create mods for WhatsApp and as a result, we now finally have Download GB Whatsapp 2020 which in our opinion, changed the game for the users.


The app now brings the opportunity that you use two WhatsApp accounts at a time on a single device.

download GB Whatsapp

In this article, besides the obvious fact that we will provide you with the free GB WhatsApp download, it is a complete review of this WhatsApp alternative mod where its features, versions, compatibility, benefits, pros, and cons are discussed in detail.

To get its Android or iOS versions, you will either need to download the GB WhatsApp APK or GB WhatsApp for iPhone from our website.

For those of you who aren’t here to read any of the GB WhatsApp features and review, let us get you straight to our installation guide for the app.

A Complete Guide to Download and Install GB WhatsApp

In this detailed guide, we will cover the complete methods of downloading and installing GB WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, and PC.

Download and Install GB WhatsApp for Android:

Due to the fact GB WhatsApp is banned by the official authorities, it is not available on Google Play. However, it is still pretty easy to install it on your Android by downloading the free GB WhatsApp APK file. After that, the following steps can be used for the installation:

  • Open ‘Settings’ of your Android and then the ‘security settings
  • There, find the ‘unknown source’ installation permission and allow it

  • On some Android phones, you might simply find this in the ‘permissions
  • Now, go back to the APK file of GB WhatsApp and tap to install it
  • After installing the app, you can set it up just like the original WhatsApp
  • Enjoy!

If you didn’t know, GB WhatsApp for your Microsoft Windows PC is also available. The following guide brings a quick method of doing that.

Download and Install GB WhatsApp for PC:

Some users love getting their phone’s apps on their PC because they like using it more. To get GB WhatsApp for PC, you will need to get the famous Android Emulator called Blue Stacks. GB WhatsApp is not directly compatible with PC, however, Blue Stacks can run it perfectly.

download gb on pc

  • We prefer that you download and install the latest Blue Stacks 4 version
  • Now, download the GB WhatsApp APK from our site
  • After installing Blue Stacks, open it and find APK import option on the home interface
  • Install it and start using to enjoy its features

Even though it wasn’t available before, GB WhatsApp is now compatible with iOS as well. A quick guide for doing that is coming ahead.

Download and Install GB WhatsApp for iOS:

Installing an external file on any iOS has always been difficult than it is for Android. Most of the times the iOS files for external available and when they are, it is a bit complex than what you do on your Android. So to get GB WhatsApp for iOS or iPhone, here is quick and simplified guide for you guys:

  • It is done through Safari Web Browser so open it on your iPhone
  • Copy and paste this link
  • This should download the GB WhatsApp iOS file in your Phone
  • Now, open the settings of your phone and then the ‘General’ section
  • After that, open the ‘Profiles & Device Management
  • Here, ‘trust’ the GB WhatsApp downloaded file for installation
  • Once it is done, you can open and use it from the homepage

Most iOS users believe that they’ll need to jailbreak their iPhone to use GB WhatsApp which is not true. You can download and install the app on your iOS without having to factory unlock or jailbreak the iPhone.

And this is how you simply download and install GB WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. Being done with these procedures, let us now move on and inform you about the features of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Features Review

WhatsApp would never get a better mode than this and it is because of the many features which are available for user’s satisfaction. Now, we are going to explain the features of GB WhatsApp in detail.

  1. Encryption:

While installing a mod for any instant messaging app, you must be concerned about security and encryption. Well, GB WhatsApp, by making use of the same encryption service as the original app, ensures the complete security of your messages and other media.

  1. Download WhatsApp Stories:

Unlike other media on WhatsApp or other social media platforms, we cannot download and share stories. This is really annoying, especially when you like someone’s content so much that you are compelled to screenshot it. However, with GB WhatsApp, you can now download any of your contact’s story and share it on your profile.

  1. Themes and Wallpapers:

To give your WhatsApp a different and beautiful look, GB WhatsApp brings tons of new themes and wallpapers that you use. With these accessories, you can completely change the look of your instant messaging app and get the required aesthetic satisfaction.

  1. Vast Broadcasting and Sharing Options:

If you use WhatsApp for business promotions, you are going to need GB WhatsApp for sure. This is because of the vast broadcast and sharing options allowing you to broadcast to about 600 people at a time.

Also, when you need to forward and share documents or media, you can send that to 30 people at a time. You can even send over 100 media files such as images, documents, and videos to your contacts.

  1. More control over your privacy:

The stalkers are always on your tail and keep checking your last seen so they can bother you. Well, with GB WhatsApp, you can now your ‘last seen’ to a specific time and that wouldn’t change unless you do it manually. Well, this ought to keep the stalkers off your tail so you can feel relaxed at all the time.

The privacy features that you can control are disabling the two-ticks, last seen and online status, and even ‘typing’ statusfrom the other user’s phone.

  1. Two WhatsApp Accounts:

The biggest advantage the app brings is that you can now have two WhatsApp accounts on your phone.You can keep one number for your personal contacts and the other for business and public matters. This allows you to engage with your personal and business contacts at a time without the trouble of accidently mingling the content.

The rest of the features of the GB WhatsApp are:

  • You can zoom someone’s profile picture
  • You don’t require rooting for GB WhatsApp
  • Hide or freeze last seen for good
  • Send larger audio and video files
  • Block specific contacts from calling you
  • Many themes and wallpapers for use
  • Easy theme and emoji changer
  • You can’t be banned or blocked
  • Alerts about people changing DPs
  • Hide last seen and doubt-tick feature
  • Put password and auto-reply features
  • Hide writing and recording status
  • You can hide personal chats
  • WhatsApp now available in many languages

GB WhatsApp Version History

Not all versions of GB WhatsApp would be compatible with your current Android or iOS operating system. However, some of its older or newer versions might and that is why we are sharing the complete version history of GB WhatsApp with you guys.

GB WhatsApp Latest Version: 2.19.244/ v8.20 updated last on 26th October.

GB WhatsApp older to newer versions complete list:

Here is the complete list of older versions of GB WhatsApp:

  • 18.327 for Android 4.0.3 26.8 MB
  • 18.327 for Android 4.0.3 26.8 MB
  • 18.203 for Android 4.0.3 34.7 MB
  • 19.203 for Android 4.0.3 48.1 MB
  • 19.150 for Android 4.0.3 34.6 MB
  • 19.690 for Android 4.0.3 28.6 MB

So this was the complete version history of GB WhatsApp from old to new.

GB WhatsApp Mod APK:

GB WhatsApp required no mods since the app is a WhatsApp mod itself. So the APK file you are downloading is a mod and not of an original app. As for the GB WhatsApp mod APK, the many versions available are:

  • 20
  • 10
  • 05
  • 00
  • 99
  • 20
  • 10


So this articlebrought every piece of information that you needed to know such as the features, installation methods, and version history of GB WhatsApp. All that’s remaining that you download the free GB WhatsApp APK from our site and install to continue having an amazing WhatsApp mod experience.


  1. What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a mod that is available for the original WhatsApp version with new features and customizations.

  1. Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp itself is safe but you will always be at risk of getting your account banned by the official WhatsApp developers.

  1. How do I download the GB WhatsApp app?

We are proving GB WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and PC versions so get them right now for free.

  1. Is GB WhatsApp banned?

No, the GB WhatsApp app is not banned but your account will always be at the risk of facing the ban.

  1. Why GB WhatsApp get banned?

GB WhatsApp is a mod that is not authorized by the official hub and that’s why they might block your account if you are using it.

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