Activate iPhone without SIM Card {*4 Simple Ways*}

You can activate iPhone without SIM Card as well. This shouldn’t be something you just came to know about. Though you can use both methods of activating an iPhone with or without a SIM Card. However, it is a tedious task when you have to do and only an easy Step-By-Step Guide to Active iPhone Without SIM Card can help you which we are bringing today.

Activate iPhone without sim card

Some of the popular options of activating iPhone without SIM card are doing it by

4 Methods to Activate iPhone without sim card

  • Activate Using iTunes
  • Jail-breaking the Phone to activate
  • Use Emergency Call to Activate iPhone without sim
  • R-SIM or X-SIM.

In this method, we are going to teach you about these methods in detail.

1st Method: Use iTunes to activate the iPhone without SIM card

Whenever you need to buy a brand new iPhones, iTunes is the best software to start its functionality. Also, connecting to iTunes makes the activation process very easy. You are not going to need a SIM card for doing that with iTunes and that is the best part of it. While we are done introducing, the following guide teaches you how to do that:

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC

  • Open the iTunes software and also connect your iPhone using the white data cable
  • When you will connect your phone, the iTunes homepage will show a couple of options
  • Select ‘set up as new iPhone’ and click ‘continue’

activate iphone without sim card

  • In the next step, click the ‘Get Started’ button and continue ahead to ‘Sync’
  • iTunes will now by syncing to your iPhone so wait a while before it completes
  • Once the syncing is done, your iPhone will be activated and ready to use
  • Disconnect it from iTunes and connect to a Wi-Fi for further proceedings

If this method looks very complex and long to you, you can move ahead and keep reading our guide to reading about an alternative method to activating the iPhone without a SIM card.

2nd Method: Use an R-SIM/X-SIM to activate iPhone without SIM Card

Since most of you are not familiar with an R-SIM/X-SIM. Let us introduce you to it first. Well, R-SIM is a thin chip which is inserted in an iPhone and your phone beliefs that a real SIM has been added. It is a universal unlock card which can be used to unlock various devices including an iPhone. So to activate an iPhone with this R-SIM or X-SIM, get one of these first and then follow the steps ahead:

  • Take a thin pin and open the SIM tray of your iPhone with it
  • Pick up your R-SIM (also called Turbo SIM) and insert it in the tray
  • Once you have inserted the chip, a list of networks should appear
  • Select the carrier you are using and proceed
  • If your carrier is not in the list, select the ‘Input IMSI’ option to do that
  • After selecting the carrier, you will need to select the iPhone model from the list
  • Next, choose the screen-unlocking method which you prefer to use
  • After the set up prompts the ‘Accept’ option, tap it to get this done
  • Let your phone reboot

Your iPhone will now be activated. There are some minor changes that this method might not work. When such is the case, making an emergency call or jailbreaking an iPhone can always be last resorts. We are also sharing a guide to activate cellular data network on the iPhone. You will definitely find it useful. Let us move ahead and jailbreak the iPhone to activate it without using a SIM card. 

3rd Method: Use the SOS or Emergency Call to activate an iPhone without SIM

If you are still facing problems while trying to activate your iPhone, you can also try the SOS services or Emergency Call to activate an iPhone. We have seen the method working for the iPhone activation. However, make sure that you do not use the feature for any other purpose than this.

activate iphone without sim card


4th Method: Jailbreak your phone to activate an iPhone

Jailbreaking means to tamper with the internal settings of your iPhone to get the features it usually restricts. This could be a handy solution if you need to activate your iPhone without a SIM card. There are a lot of methods available out there for jailbreaking an iPhone.  

activate iphone without sim card


However, we recommend that you buy a trusted and paid software to do it for safety reasons so your phone and data might not be at risk. The following are some of the best software for jailbreaking an iPhone:

  1. PANGU for iOS 11
  2. PANGU for iOS 7 (for jailbreaking older phones)
  3. Red Snow Jailbreak Software


So these were the best methods to activate an iPhone without SIM Card. Since most of these methods work, we are looking forward to your feedback to know which method worked for you. This will help our other users who are also facing similar issues on their iPhone. Keep visiting our website for more Mac and iPhone problems & their solutions.

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