About us

Hello! Welcome to the Steve Sadiq Apple Solutions. Steve Sadiq is an Apple Loyal Customer and guide. Sadiq has all the reasons to convince people that why they should use Apple products.

Sadiq has got the penalty of experience and expertise while working on Apple products like.

  • Mac
  • Ipad
  • iPhone
  • Watch
  • TV
  • Music

After facing diverse kind of issues with the Apple products and searching for their solution on the web, while discussion with people, through apple support team. Sadiq realized the need to develop a place to invite all Apple loyal users and share with them the common issues that took him a lot of time to resolve.

The solutions will be provided to the Apple Loyal Customers under the tradename “TheMacSmack”. Steve has chosen this name because he believes that Mac / Apple always have a cutting edge against their rivals. You have all the right to negate the point of view of Sadiq. That’s his personal opinion. Now Sadiq and the team “TheMacSmack” work day and night to search for different issues that people are facing.

After a careful survey, we collect data about the issue to address or problem to solve. Then team “TheMacSmack” under the able guidance of Mr. Sadiq test the possible solutions. After we are fully satisfied, we share with you guys.

Hope you will have a wonderful time with us and you will find this web-based a useful place.

Stay Blessed

Peace 🙂